Monday, October 26, 2009

It’s Monday Again

Ya’ll probably knew Monday was coming. And honestly, I did too. But I didn’t prepare for it. So that means you have to suffer.

Life stinks, doesn’t it?

It’s really not just that it’s Monday. It’s that it’s Monday after about a month of craziness. And I am making it all stop this week. Somehow. I haven’t quite figured out all the details yet, but I will get a break before the week is out.

It’s been a good busy, though. M3 was here for the weekend, and we always love to see him. It seems that he never gets to stay quite long enough. And the living room makeover? Not finished quite yet. I promise I will put some pictures up when it is…whenever that happens to be. I’m taking a break this week, remember?

But not before I finish the kitchen table. It’s giving me some trouble. Way more trouble than I expected. Which means it’s taken longer than I thought. And it’s still. not. done. Sigh.

It’s Monday, ya’ll. Again.

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