Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday Is Out To Get Me

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but….(in list form, of course)

1. Walmart was out of canned pumpkin. It’s pumpkin season last time I checked. I asked a grocery guy if I was missing it somewhere, and he even went to the back to check. Apparently the warehouse is out of pumpkin. Seriously? Get it together, guys. You’re only the largest retailer ever, and creating a false canned pumpkin shortage at the end of October is not good for anybody.

2. I left the house wearing an outfit that would definitely not have been approved by Clinton and Stacy, but it wasn’t altogether terrible. I thought it was great for a cold, rainy day. And then the cashier thought I was 37, which I am NOT.

3. I had to stop in the middle of the Halloween/candy aisle, blocking half the aisle to dig thru my purse to find a Kleenex. Why? Caedmon had sneezed and subsequently began blowing snot bubbles. I believe some of it got on my shoulder as he endeavored to give me a hug in the middle of his snot attack. I’m chalking that up to adding at least a year to my appearance.

4. I got home and checked the mail, only to find that I had received a Medicare packet from the AARP. Addressed to me. Clearly the Walmart cashier and the AARP know something I don’t.

5. The currently-being-refinished kitchen table has become my nemesis. I actually started singing the “nemesis song” from Phineas and Ferb in my head yesterday morning as I was thinking about my next step toward conquering the blasted thing.

I know I’ve discussed my possibly unhealthy love for backyard/playground cartoons before, so just stay with me.

(I recently discovered that Recess is on in the wee hours of the morning on Disney, and might or might not have set the DVR to record a few episodes.)

6. My laundry? It didn’t do itself. When I came home from my errands, it was just where I left it. How is that? Nothing is ever where you leave it. How come laundry is the exception to the rule? And because I had to conquer the nemesis last night, the laundry still sits, unfolded. At least it’s clean. Mostly.

7. My wonderful Husband doesn’t care about the messy house or the unfolded laundry. We even had cereal for dinner last night. He’s just as ready for that table to be finished as I am. And tonight will be the big reveal (as in, we’ll roll it into the kitchen and put it together). Thanks for being so patient through this process, Husband!

Here’s hoping Tuesday is better.

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  1. Well, I say if you are gonna get "snotted" you don't wanna be dressed in your finest...some of that stuff will ruin your good clothes!

  2. Can't wait to see the table!! I am sure it looks wonderful. TGINM - thank goodness its NOT Monday!

  3. What in the world were you wearing?

  4. We went to Sams yesterday... Stacy and Clinton would have just thrown me in the trash if they had seen what I was wearing!

    And it rained all day long... so the day that Deputy Guy took off to accomplish some stuff was totally unproductive. Consequently, so was mine!

  5. I love Recess! One of the best cartoons of our time.

  6. Curly, you will be delivering a baby in about 6 weeks. I, however, will not.

    I was wearing jeans, a hoodie sweatshirt from Gap, and my black crocs - the ones without holes in them. As if the lack of holes makes them any classier.