Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Because We’re So Glamorous

Our Labor Day pretty much consisted of the following: laundry, introducing C to Fraggle Rock, grocery shopping, disc golf, baking cookies to send to NLB, a marathon of The Office on TBS, and some more disc golf.

I can’t believe there’s no paparazzi following our every move.

I mean, the boys were out until 7:00. PM. It was almost dark when they came home. See? Life on the edge.

It was a nice lazy prelude to a busy week. I realized earlier that I will have to pack lunch for C three times this week. And that’s really not a big deal, I just don’t enjoy packing lunches. Especially when it all has to be finger foods, has to be eaten cold, and cannot include peanut butter. That severely limits my possibilities.

Oh, and lest I forget, we were visited by a superhero on our fabulous Labor Day. DSC04556Who was that masked man?

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