Monday, July 27, 2009

School Supplies and Other Such Nonsense

I can’t help but get the itch to buy new school supplies this time of year. Ya’ll know I’m a fanatic about my pens. And honestly, I love office supplies in general. When I was working, I used to love to go shopping for the supplies for my office. Thankfully, no one else loved the aisles of pens and Post-Its as much as I did, so I had that job all to myself.

I’ve always perused the school supplies, even when I didn’t have a school to supply for, looking longingly at the spiral notebooks and wondering what I could do with them if I bought them for no apparent reason. But now, now I have a boy who goes to “school”.

Well, not really school. It’s Kids’ Day Out. It’s one day a week. And he rarely has need for anything more than his lunch and lovey.

But ya’ll know how those school supplies are. Right now, they are plentiful. Once it gets closer to time for school to start, everyone rushes to buy their stuff and you end up with the picked-thru leftovers.

Ya’ll know what I mean. Blink and all that’s left are pink unicorn notebooks and some random (unpopular) cartoon character pencils.

I was doing so well, or so I thought. I was pretty sure that C would need a nap mat for KDO this year. And though it starts in a mere month and a half, I had already begun to purchase the mat and supplies I would need for Mom to sew up a cute little cover for us. And then, for good measure, I decided to check with the KDO director and just make sure his room wouldn’t have cribs and he would, indeed, need a nap mat.

His room has cribs.

That’s ok. I’m already ahead for next year. And it’s probably better for his teachers that way anyway. I can’t imagine trying to get a room full of 2 year-olds to stay on a nap mat. Sometimes you can’t even keep them in the crib.

But I might have to find some consolation school supply to purchase for him, just to ease my itch. Surely he could use another lunchbox or a cool Thermos.

Or maybe I should buy something just for me. With a pink unicorn.

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  1. This makes me laugh. The school supply aisle literally makes me queasy. Always has. I avoid it like the plague!! I'm already nervous about having to get the girls' school supplies! I may get you to do it for me!

  2. That's so funny! I'd love to shop for school supplies with your girls!

  3. I was giggling the whole time! I have a really good friend that loves the school supply isle about as much as you do! This probably isn't blog material, BUT she gets so excited she still (at 26) has to go to the potty (#2) every time she goes to that isle! Cracks me up! Hopefully it doesn't have the same effect on you!

  4. Sarah, ok, that his hilarious. And I'm glad to say it doesn't have the same effect on me. Ha!

    I have been known, however, to become giddy when I see the giant pack of colored Sharpies.