Thursday, July 02, 2009

Because This Is The Week of Video

One of the things we do on our way to Children's is stop at a pet store to let C burn off some energy before showing up for our appointment. He loves to see the fish, reptiles, birds, and of course, rodents.

(He'd better not even think about asking for a rodent, reptile, or bird. It's not going to happen. He can visit them at the pet store until he moves out of my house. Then he can have one.)

We kept coming back to this guy, who was either the best waving gerbil ever or he was begging us to get him out of his glass case. I can't decide which.

Ok, so maybe I was delirious. Maybe it was listening to a screaming toddler while also trying to follow an audiobook. Maybe it was the heat.

Whatever it was, I found this guy pretty funny.

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1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of myself...I have felt just like that Gerbil...more than once. And just like the Gerbil - even though there was no way to scratch my way out of a situation, I kept scratching when I should have spent my time and energy looking for a different way out of the situation. The difference between me and the don't have me on video. Thank goodness.