Friday, June 26, 2009

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Yesterday was laser treatment #5 at Children’s Hospital for little C. Here’s as much of our day as you can stand.

We ended up with a crappy surgery time: 1:15pm. Which meant that we had to arrive at 11:15am, and C was unable to eat anything all day. And he could only drink juice/water until 10am.

Just in case you were wondering, that didn’t go over so well with the boy.

So we were up and out of here by 7:30am. Here’s a quiet moment in the car, one of the few. Apparently he’s really into his reading.DSC03725We broke the rules and let C have his paci, or “bah” during the day today. He held onto that thing with all his might. Except for when he was throwing fits, thus throwing the paci.DSC03732After stopping at PetSmart to kill a little time, we arrived at Children’s about 10 minutes early. Our hineys never touched a seat in the waiting room because we were taken back right away.

But things went downhill from there.

C was quite restless. And hungry. And thirsty. There’s not much that hurts a Momma’s heart like having to tell her boy he’s not allowed to eat or drink when he’s pointing, signing, and begging. And waiting.

And waiting.

We waited a long time. We have been spoiled in the past by Laser Beam Doc running ahead of schedule. This time, however, she was a bit behind.

Our little restless native spent quite a bit of time opening and closing the door to our hospital room, peeking out into the hall, waving at all the nurses walking by and looking out the window (at all the other people who were allowed to eat). All of that was in between throwing fits. Like this one: DSC03747And trying to watch Curious George on Husband’s laptop or The Penguins of Madagascar on TV.

(Love me some Penguins, by the way.)

(Is it sad that I enjoy little kids’ cartoons?)

(Is it even more sad that I have digressed to discussing my love for animated birds that don’t fly?)

Anyway, a half hour after our scheduled surgery time, C finally went back to the OR, and we went to the waiting room.

My cousin, E, whom I hadn’t seen in probably 10 years, brought his kids up to see us at the hospital. I hate that things were a little upside down and they had to wait for us for so long. But it was good to see him. I also hate that I didn’t think to take a picture, what with all the photo snapping I had been doing all day.

E went back to recovery with me to meet C. A strange way to meet your cousin for the first time, what with the purple spots and all. DSC03755But C was happy. He was eating. And drinking. Before we left recovery, C had eaten an entire cereal bar and a baggie of dried cherries. He’d also downed a full cup of juice. (Which I was to regret later.)

We left the hospital about 3pm, a full hour after we expected to.

There are no pictures of the ride home. Nor do I have enough appropriate words to describe the tumultuous, unhappiness, and general stinkiness that was those three hours. Let’s just suffice it to say that I was glad to get out of the car.

And when we got home? The boy was wired.

Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough. For him or me.

Oh, but the real tragedy? C is to be restricted on his time in the sun for the next two weeks. And that? That might be worse than anything else.

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  1. how many more of these do you anticipate?

  2. We aren't really sure. The doctor said we'd initially do 3 - 5 treatments, then re-evaluate. This was #5.

    They've been very effective, so we're going to keep going with treatments until the birthmark is too light to see or the they stop working.