Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fashion Emergency

Ok, ya’ll. I need some help. Some advice. Someone to come to my house and just “fix it.”

I bought this dress in green from Old Navy back in the spring. It is a bit out of my comfort zone, as I don’t normally do strappy or sleeveless, but I was determined to step on out there and do something different.

And I did. The three times I wore it.

Why only three times, you ask? First of all, I’m cold-natured and required that the weather be blazin’ hot before I put the thing on. And because the last time I washed it, I somehow ended up with these weird faded-out spots on it. There’s a small one on the left side, but the big ones are right up front.DSC04029 DSC04030I highly doubt it’s bleach, because I washed it in the gentle cycle with Woolite with the rest of my “nice” clothes. And I didn’t see any damage to any of those.

I’ve since washed it again, hoping it wasn’t an actual fabric discoloration, but to no avail.

So, seeing that I have a dress that I would like to wear but would look really trashy doing so with the nice discolored spots, what should I do?

Seriously, I need some options. I hate to let a good thing go to waste. We all know I’m too cheap for that. And now that I’m out of my fashion comfort zone a bit, I sort of like it.

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  1. I don't have any advice for you, but this has happened to me on several occasions. So I will be checking back often to see if anyone has any solutions. See you tomorrow!

  2. Take 1 part of liquid detergent (Wisk or Tide I was told) to 4 parts of water placing the solution in a bucket or sink. Add your item (only 1 piece @ a time) & soak for 30 minutes. Then wash in the washer in only water only using no more detergent. I hope this helps. It is also supposed to work for any discolored non-blech spots. Never have tried it just heard it works, but it's worth a shot! Let me know if it does!

  3. if that doesn't work, re-dye it.

  4. Amy Schiller10:12 PM

    I have zero advice to you. Just had to say that I have the same dress, same color :) I haven't had any discoloration problems though. I bet it looks cute on you. Hope you figure it out!

  5. I was thinking you could re-dye it too. Or, you could find a little jacket type thing to wear over it that buttons right around that spot. But if you got the discoloration out, you could wear a little t-shirt or tank under it and that would be cute. Or find a necklace that hits at about that spot to take attention away from it and sort if cover it up.

  6. I tried Jennifer's suggestion, and it helped a little, but didn't get it all out. It might be because I didn't have enough Tide to do the proportions right. I'll have to figure something else out, I suppose. Ya'll may get to hear about a horrible dye job very soon.

  7. I too was thinking about those Rit dyes that you throw in your washing machine... haven't used them but I once knew someone who did and she swore by them. If you did a tie-dye technique with white and yellow or more of a contrasting color you might not notice any big mistakes.