Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Serious.Life Magazine - April

The new issue of Serious.Life Magazine is up today. Go check it out.

Curly is coming over today and we are going to bake some cookies. Not just any cookies, but some of our childhood favorites, Mom's Cookie Cutter Cookies.

It will be an experiment to remember.

Not the cookies - me and Curly in the kitchen together with a toddler beneath our feet.

Wish us luck. And maybe I'll post some pictures of our yummy cookies later. You know, if we don't eat them all. Pin It


  1. Ok...so I want one of those pics where the two of you stand together for your self portrait taken on your phone. I would like this picture to be taken AFTER the cookies are made to see if ya'll can still be close to each other without pulling the other ones' hair. Test of adulthood.