Monday, April 06, 2009

Easter Candy, It’s the Best

It has long been my belief that the best candy in the world is Easter candy.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe because your Halloween stash was long gone. And worked hard for it, hunting those fluorescent plastic eggs, threatening to break your cousin’s arm if they touched the one you found first. Or maybe it was because they are all pastel colored and happy. Or because hollow bunny ears are just kind of fun to bite off.

It is a little deviant if you think about it, though. Eating Robin’s Eggs doesn’t sound too appetizing unless they’re the malted kind. And bunny ears? We all know they’re the best part, but who ever thought of eating chocolate bunnies? And marshmallow chicks?

When you think about it, Easter candy is pretty sick and twisted. But when has that ever stopped me from loving something made of marshmallow and coated in fine, pastel-colored sugar?

Peeps has always been one of my favorite Easter treats. (I struggled tremendously here with the has/have, and decided this was correct. I need my grammar people to help me out with this one.) Husband’s too. I know there are Peeps for every holiday now, and that they are all supposed to taste the same. But the Easter bunnies and chicks are still the best.

See? Sick and twisted.

It was only natural that we introduce C to Peeps when the time was right. But I never expected it to be this way.

When we went to Children’s a few weeks ago, C was pretty restless while we spent our time in the hospital room waiting our turn. Husband went down to the gift shop to see what treasures it held. He came back with this.DSC01967

Yeah, it’s a stuffed Peep bunny. I fell in love. C kind of likes it too. But he really fell in love with Peeps the next week when I bought some real ones that looked just like that bunny.

  See? Bunny ears are yummy.

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  1. Love that C pic.

  2. Thanks! I might frame that one - I love it too!

  3. Curly8:21 PM

    Peeps are THE BEST!

  4. peeps rock! :) Between that and Cadbury any diet I have sinks at Easter time.

  5. oh and yeah... it would be "peeps has" because peeps is its name, not a plural form of its name - wow - grammar dork. :)

  6. Thanks, Gina. That's what I came up with too. Thanks for the affirmation!

    Oh...and I bought some Cadbury eggs for me and Chris yesterday. None for C...they're still a but much for him. That, and I didn't want to share.

  7. I don't know what it is about Peeps, but yes, I feel the love too.

    When I was a pre-K teacher I let the kids paint with Peeps. They got all nasty and melted and covered with paint. It was fabulous.

    Think I need to buy some for my kids now...