Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Photo Journal Update

I think it’s time to get caught up on what’s been going on around here.

I let C play with some dried beans one day last week. He loved it and spent nearly an hour with a bag of white beans, a tablespoon, and a Rubbermaid container.DSC02261We also spent a long time picking beans up off the floor.DSC02259 Oz has been enjoying the sunshine while waiting for his leg to heal. It’s doing nicely, by the way.DSC02267Nana and Poppy came for a visit and brought a fun catch game from Grandma Helen. DSC02272And here’s the aftermath of The Great Cookie Experiment. You apparently have to make a mess to have any fun.DSC02304Cookies waiting for frosting.DSC02306Trump came by to help with, um, Curly.DSC02308See? We still love each other. Most of the time, anyway.DSC02312

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  1. The 3 of you in the kitchen together? And you are all smiling after the fact! Amazing. It makes a mother proud.

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    That picture was taken before they had to work together.


  3. Are those Easter cookies? You should enter the little contest! That cookbook is really good!