Monday, March 23, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Last Friday was our fourth trip to Children's for laser surgery.

Usually our arrival time at Children's is around lunchtime, two hours ahead of an early to mid afternoon surgery time. With a three hour drive to get there, that arrival time is an easy one to make. The bad part is having to deprive C of food for so long, especially since eating in front of him is a big deal now.

So imagine my surprise on Thursday afternoon when we received our call from the surgery center telling us we needed to arrive at 7:45.

Yes, in the morning.

The good: C wouldn't have to go without food for a long time during the day.
The bad: we would have to leave very early. Very. Early.

The ugly: ya'll know I don't like early.

So very early on Friday morning, we were on our way to Children's. I knew that waking C up might be a little bumpy, but figured he would go back to sleep once he got settled into his carseat.

I was wrong.

The good: C was quiet the entire time.
The bad: C stayed awake almost the whole way. He did fall asleep for about 20 minutes, but was awakened by a very snippy, very loud Barista at the Starbucks drive-thru just after 5am.

The ugly: No one should be that loud that early in the morning.

So we were all tired by the time we arrived at the hospital. True to form, we had a very short wait and then were whisked back to get things rolling.

The good: hospital remote controls are cool, and The Disney Channel is even cooler.
The bad: we languished in the pre-op room for the full two hours until our appointment time.
The ugly: there were very few still moments in those two hours. C was afraid he'd go to sleep, so they didn't last long.

The good: I was extremely happy to see C's OR nurse. Because that meant it was time to get on with things.

The good: everything went well, and Laser Beam Doc is very pleased with C's progress thus far. We'll go back again in three months. It seems like his treatment area gets smaller each time, which is very encouraging.

As C was in recovery, I broke out the snacks. He'd only skipped breakfast and it wasn't yet lunchtime, but the boy was starving. While the nurses looked on and giggled at his snack buffet and huge appetite, C ate animal crackers, a cereal bar, several dried cherries, and drained half a sippy cup of juice. (When we got to the car, he polished off an entire Lunchables Jr. and an extra stick of string cheese.)

The good: one of the nice things about such an early appointment time was that we were able to meet Husband's parents for lunch. C was a bit groggy from all the early, all the drugs (anesthesia) and all the food he'd just pounded. But it was nice to see Nana and Poppy, even if it was just for a little while.

The good: the trip home was uneventful, but seemed long. We made it home by 3pm, which is another great thing about the early appointment time.
The bad: there was a lot of time in between getting home and bedtime.

The ugly: the last hour before bedtime. It was not pretty, people.

But we made it through, and C is doing great. LBD wants to see him back again in three months.

I guess the good outweighed the rest, and that's what's important. Pin It

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