Thursday, January 08, 2009

He's Not A "Hands On" Kind Of Guy

So yesterday, thinking I would be all "Supermom," I decided to try finger painting with C.

Not such a hot idea.

Mainly because, well, remember back to his birthday when he couldn't bear to have cake frosting on his fingers? Apparently finger paint feels very similar.

And don't mind the blue-tinted mouth. The paint is non-toxic, though it probably doesn't taste very good.

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  1. should wait on this kind of activity until they are about 10! And have a sibling they feel the need to "paint." It's much more fun for everyone then.

  2. You're a brave Momma! He looks so cute and looks to have done a good job for the first time. By the way, I loved C's shirt this morning at KDO-Whiz Kid. =)

  3. That's my boy! Abandoning the arts and demanding some man-like activities.

  4. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Abandon the arts says the author. Hmmmm...


  5. Only the feminine arts.

  6. He is so sinkin cute! You are much braver than me! I would have been too scared of the mess!

  7. M3 - BRILLIANT!

    You are a better mom than me to let your kid try stuff like that. That's what KDO teachers are paid to do. HA!!!

  8. I say, wait a year... leave an open container of paint somewhere up high-ish. He will paint!