Monday, September 01, 2008

Chickster's Birthday, Volume 1

We had a party in honor of Chickster's first birthday. I can't believe my boy is 1!

It was "just" a family party. But we still had a full house. Literally. I threatned to send a few to eat in the garage. And we were even without a few...Dad had to work, Deputy Guy was keeping everyone safe at the football stadium, and Fidget was doing something with her Civil Air Patrol group. We missed them. But that meant more cake and ice cream for the rest of us.

Husband and Nana were in charge of the decorations. They did a pretty good job. It was quite festive.

I broke with tradition and ordered the cake from a bakery. Seriously, I didn't want to worry about decorating a cake that would be devoured by all these people.

The cake turned out to be pretty darn cute. I'm proud of myself for the effort I put forth in flipping through a photo album at the bakery, pointing and saying, "That one."

It was a lot of work, ya'll.

And Chickster even got his very own smash cake. He didn't care for having icing between his fingers, and really didn't get into the whole thing.

He did try to just take a giant bite out of it and decided not to. And he did manage to somehow get icing in his hair.

He loved it when his Aunt Trump sat and fed him cake and ice cream, though. And yeah, he was so hyped up on sugar, there was no afternoon nap.

More like a squealing little boy playing in his bed for an hour as he spiraled out of control on a sugar high.

Chickster got some great gifts, including two identical toys from Deputy Guy/Curly and Trump. They bought their gifts weeks apart, too. Amazing how we all think so much alike. He did love the hammer Aunt Curly picked out for him, though. And of course it makes noise. Thanks, Curly.

Husband and I cheated. We wanted to see what Chickster got from everyone else before we bought him anything, so we still have yet to get him a birthday gift. It'll come soon. Husband wants to get him one of the walk-behind toys. He is certain it will bolster Chickster's will to walk. I think he'll walk when he gets good and ready. But that's another subject.

We also cheated in another area. We received one of the coolest things ever as a baby gift before Chickster was born. It was the only completely frivolous thing I registered for. And TechGuy made sure we got it. It's been sitting in the closet because Chickster wasn't big enough to enjoy it yet. But we pulled it out for his birthday. And I love it.

Chickster, well, it's growing on him. I think when he can figure out how to get on and off himself, it will be his most favoritest thing.

The big kids migrated outside to play some games and as usual, totally changed the rules and ended up throwing things at each other. But it's more fun that way, I guess. And of course, they had an audience. Stupididty always has an audience, right?

Argus missed the whole thing. He went to Doggie Daycare. Yes, perhaps a desperate attempt to repress guilty feelings for not letting him partake in the cake and ice cream. Or to keep from having to listen to him whine in his crate the entire time. Whichever.

All the fanfare was fun. And Chickster won't remember any of it. But we had a great time with everyone and are especially glad Husband's Mom and Dad could come all the way from across the state.

Now I need about a week to put new toys away, pack away old toys, and convince Chickster that every meal does not include ice cream and cake!
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