Monday, January 12, 2009

The Wedding

I had all of these grandiose plans to post some spectacular pictures from Trump's wedding.

But here's the problem. I spent most of my time chasing a little boy, trying to keep him from doing things like running across the front of a photo shoot or climbing all 87 steps to the balcony. And getting him to leave. his. shoes. on.

(Side note: At this point, I am not sure if velcro is from the debil or one of the best inventions in the world.)

So this is the best I ended up with. At least one of these is from a friend who has some mad photog skillz. I'm hoping to be able to steal some shots from her when Mom and Turmp get through passing the photo disk around. But I suppose we'll have to wait until the real photographer posts his pictures in order to see the money shots.

Hangin' with Aunt Trump before pictures.

Smelling Papa Duke's flower

Uncle HLB fixing the seatbelt in the wagon. We definitely needed it.

Trump's bouquet. Appropriate, no?

C lolling on the floor. Yes, I said "lolling." Not sure that's really a word, but I don't know how else to describe it.

C and Husband. Aren't my boys good looking?

The reception, photographer included.

C and me in the foyer before we walked the aisle.

And I might have a name for Trump's Groom...but I am still thinking on it. I'll let you know soon. Pin It


  1. LOVE that last picture. One to frame for sure.

  2. Oh, you have cute pics...that I don't have. I love the bouquet in the boots! So appropriate!