Monday, January 19, 2009

Can Someone Please Explain...

Recently, we were gifted with one of those glorious door-hanger things from a nationwide company touting the best TV service/high speed internet known to man. And when I say "gifted," I mean some random person walked up to my door and stuck it on the knob in such a way that it promptly fell onto the front porch.

Because he/she was dedicated to the high quality placing of the door-hanger things.

Anyway, I brought it inside and intended to trash it immediately. But I got distracted with keeping my child from taking a flying leap from the seat of his wagon or something important like that and the high gloss orange, blue and white flyer was still lying on the kitchen counter when Husband came home.

Of course, he was attracted to the promise of high(er) speed internet and a zillion and a half TV channels and quickly went to the website to get more details.

And he promptly found out the services advertised on said flyer are not available in our area.

Genius, people. Real genius. Pin It

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