Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ya'll might notice the new cute little button over to the right. No, I didn't make it, but it's so darned cute I wish I had.

Some of you might be familiar with some children's CDs and DVDs called PraiseBaby from the folks over at Provident Music Group. I found out from Sophie that PraiseBaby was going to create a blog and I could be given the opportunity to contribute.

I can't tell ya'll how excited that made me.

But there was one problem. I had never listened to any of the PraiseBaby stuff. So I, like the kid in class who raises their hand without knowing the answer, volunteered to blog over on the PraiseBaby site without even having heard their music.

But I had faith. Faith that it wasn't going to be cheesy and dumb. Faith that I wasn't going to regret reaching my hand as high as it could go, frantically waving it, hoping I would get picked.

So I purchased a PraiseBaby CD for C. It was tough to pick one, really. There were several to choose from and I knew most of the songs on each. They were all. good. songs.

And I have not been disappointed.

C loves music very much, and seems to really enjoy his PraiseBaby CD. And he seems to like it when I sing along. I guess it sort of translates differently to his little ears when Mom is involved.

So head on over to the PraiseBaby Blog and check out what other moms, dads, and grandmas have to say about their little ones and music. It'll be fun.

I'll let you know when it's my turn to post. Hopefully that'll be fun too. Pin It


  1. We LOVE Praise Baby at our house! I'm glad to know they have a blog. Peyton listened to it since the day he was born. We love the DVD's too. Parker enjoys P.B. and Peyton now calls them the "baby movie" but he will still watch it and it keeps them both entertained.

  2. I'm so glad you're doing the PB blog! I think their site looks great, too - so fresh and fun.