Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Shopping, Or Lack Thereof

I feel as if I've been majorly lacking in creativity lately. I don't really know why, but maybe I could come up with a few pointless excuses that would help us all feel better.

But I won't.

See, I don't even have the juice to make stuff up, much less make the real, boring stuff seem interesting.

So I'll just lament my Christmas shopping skills and how they've seriously gone downhill this year.

Normally, I start my Christmas shopping early in the fall and have everything purchased, ordered, or staked out by now. Not this year.

Just today I purchased my first gift for Husband. It's mid-December, for crying out loud. And a confession (Husband, you might want to avert your eyes here): I haven't the slightest idea what else I'm going to get for him.

Isn't that sad?

Especially since he so kindly obliged and sent me a list of things he'd like to have. Which I appreciate very much. I didn't even know where to start. Like I said, my skills have become s.a.d., people, very sad.

I enjoy buying gifts for Husband, and always have a hard time getting him gifts he's not expecting. So I'm not sure if he'll be more surprised if I get what's on his list or if I don't get what's on the list.

It's a dilemma. A serious one.

Now C, on the other hand, is fun and easy to shop for. We purchased his Christmas gift a few months ago and let him have at it. Box and all. He'll get a few stocking stuffers, but other than that, he's taken care of.

But I was reminded of something about myself today. I could easily buy new clothes, toys, and stuff for C (and sometimes Husband, for that matter) every single time I walk into a store. Yet I couldn't find one single, solitary item for myself.

And I even had money to spend.

What is my problem?

Well, problem, affliction, or whatever it is, I hope it pays off very soon. I've got to finish my shopping for Husband by the end of next week. I'm in a time crunch, people. Wish me luck. Pin It


  1. yeah...being a MOTHER does strange things to your brain. What used to be simple and important somehow, takes a backseat to things like snotty noses, dirty diapers and first words.

  2. Not a single gift is under the tree for my husband either. Not even one purchased. You're not alone. I used to be really good at this. I'd have all my presents wrapped by now. Um, yeah, not so much this year. I have 3 wrapped presents under my tree, two of which were just entirely too big NOT to wrap. So, don't feel too bad. You've got company. :)

  3. I usually only have one or two things left to get by the time Thanksgiving rolls around... It must be something in the air because I am NOWHERE near done!