Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Not Sharks With Laser Beams, But Some Ill Tempered Sea Bass Might Work

Even though it's Wednesday, I have no contribution to Works-For-Me Wednesday. I haven't the brain power to figure out what works right now.

Tuesday was a long day, but a good one.

C was up early this morning. Even after staying up a bit late last night, he was up and raring to go by about 6am. Yes, 6am.

I was able to successfully distract him from eating and pump him full of juice, which he rarely gets. He was loving it and chugged a whole sippy cup full before we left.

We hit the road for Children's about 8:30 a.m. And we stopped about 30 minutes from the hospital and took a break. We found a PetSmart that was sparsely populated and let C wander around a bit and check out the animals.

We saw a completely psycho hamster that had literally created a path and packed down the wood shavings in his little pen by constantly running in a bizarre pattern. He was circling the entire time we were there, about 20 minutes. The sign on the glass case said, "Most active at night."

Note to self: NEVER GET A HAMSTER.

So we got back on the road, C chugged more juice, and we arrived at Children's about 30 minutes early. And we were taken back almost immediately. LBD's nurse told us they were running ahead of schedule, and knowing we had a long drive ahead of us and some yucky weather on the way, they wanted to get us and a few other families who live in our area out as soon as possible.

All I had to say about that was, "SWEEEEET!"

Once again, the staff at Children's was wonderful. C's surgical nurse was a guy this time, and he took right to Mr. R. LBD's nurse later told me that Mr. R held C while he went to sleep for his surgery and only cried just a little when we left him at the OR doors.

When we went back to recovery, C was in the arms of the attending doc, who was just commenting on how he'd love to take C home with him. Our recovery nurse, Mr. J, who had an awesome Engligh accent, said he was glad we were there, as he was tired of telling everyone they couldn't have our little C.

Such a charmer, our boy.

After chugging more juice and pounding a ton of snacks, he took a nice nap on the way home. And we were trying to get home before the freezing, nasty weather hit.

Deputy Guy kept an eye on the weather for me, and gave us reports on the way home. We made it home just in time. Not long after we got home, our deck was iced over. And C spent plenty of time running around the house getting all his wiggles out.

We were weary, but pleased with the day. C did very well with not getting to eat, we had great travel, we got our surgery appointment early, and got home before the nasty weather hit.

I'll post some pictures soon. Right now, I'm going to watch Leverage and go to bed. Pin It

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