Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

Kate tagged me "it", so here goes!
  1. I have had melanoma. Yes, I freaked out. No, I do not still have it. Yes, I am now a sunscreen fanatic.
  2. All 5'3" of me played volleyball in high school. And loved every second of it. I was pretty good too, if I do say so myself. Well, for a short girl, anyway.
  3. I went to a racing school and learned how to drive a Formula One car. It's a pretty exhilirating experience to drive over 100mph with your rear just a few inches off the ground. I'd go back and do it again tomorrow if given the chance.
  4. I am a neat freak, but I couldn't care less if there's a thick layer of dust everywhere.
  5. I'm married to the coolest, most awesomest (yes, I'll say it like that if I want to) man in the world. Our 10th Anniversary is coming up. He already bought me a gift. I'm still working on his.
  6. I like the smell of coffee, but can't stand to drink it.
  7. I usually don't play along with tags and forwards, but since this one was only 7 questions, I decided to go for it. Yes, I'm a spoilsport.

And because I don't like to play by the rules, I'm not going to tag anyone. Because I'm lazy. But also because just about everybody I know has already been tagged!

More about schoolyard politics tomorrow... Pin It

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