Wednesday, October 01, 2008

C's Literary Corner

One of C's favorite books lately is Walter, The Farting Dog.

Yes, I said, "farting."

Those of us who have indoor dogs know very well that dogs fart. And that many times they reek so much that you wish they weren't an indoor dog.

I'm just glad somebody put in in a book. Because you know if it's in a book, it's ok to talk about.

Husband actually bought this book a very long time ago, and we've passed it on to C. We started reading it to him a few weeks ago on a regular basis. Mainly because he chooses it off the bookshelf when he's asking to read a story.

And by asking to read, I mean pointing at the bookshelf and going, "Uh, uh?"

Oh, the vocabulary skills he has.

Anyway, C's gotten really good at finding Walter on each page. I ask him to point at Walter, and amazingly enough, he can almost always correctly locate the stinky dog. He is working on finding the cat as effectively.

It seems that the college students who frequent our home on Wednesday nights for Bible Study like Walter, too. They were quite enamored with the book the last time they were here and it had been left out from afternoon story time.

Because books bridge generations. Especially ones about farting.

Anyway, here's C, enjoying Walter.
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  1. Too funny! Hey, I love your fireplace.

  2. We LOVE this book! We discovered it in a kid's bookstore in Austin a few years ago. Jeff sat and read the whole amazing thing since he can't sit still long enough to read anything! ha!