Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Look Out, Karl Farbman. I've Got An Ax.

Along with the joys of motherhood comes all sorts of things. Some of them wonderful, some of them not so much.

For the last couple of months, I've been struggling with pain in my wrists and thumbs. But since I'm a tough girl, I just thought I could get over it.

I finally called a friend in the medical field who said I had tendonitis from hauling C around all the time and hooked me up with a brace. It's supposed to help the swelling go down and my wrist and thumb to feel all better.

But the catch is that in order for the brace to help, I have to wear it. And wearing a brace is not very conducive to changing diapers, doing dishes, etc. So I haven't worn it as much as I should.

And I sometimes feel helpless. I can't even open C's favorite jar of fruit - apples. I have to make sure I remember to ask Husband to open a new jar when he's home. Poor C wanted apples this morning at breakfast and couldn't have them because Daddy had already left for work and weak-handed Mommy couldn't open the jar.

It reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry gets carpal tunnel syndrome from signing a bunch of 12 cent royalty checks from a Japanese show called, "The Super Terrific Happy Hour". Kramer's Japanese tourist friends were sleeping in a designer chest of drawers Elaine's boyfriend had given him (because Kramer blew all their cash), and they couldn't get out. Jerry tries to free them, but he can't because his wrist is weak from the carpal tunnel and the wood had been warped due to the steam from Kramer's indoor hot tub. He ends up hacking the Karl Farbman chest of drawers apart with an ax in order to get the men out. Who, for good reason, begin to think Jerry is crazy.

I know exactly how they all feel.

Perhaps an extreme way to take care of the problem. But taken care of, none the less.

There's been more than one of those apple jar instances around here the past few months, and I'm about tired of it.

It makes me wonder what Karl Farbman I'll be taking an ax to in the near future.

'Cause you know I will.

Or maybe I should just wear the brace. Pin It


  1. You were in the kitchen gadget aisle the other day...just resort to purchasing that under the cabinet jar lid opener magic jeannie. Since you are getting older anyway...your grip will never be what it once was ;-)

  2. i love how everything in life relates to a seinfeld episode... it is incredible

  3. I totally remember that episode. Ahhhh, Seinfeld. Those were the days.