Thursday, October 16, 2008

In The Dog House

I bought a dog house for Argus last week. He's spending most of his daytime hours outside now. Gasp! I know, right? So because it's going to be getting cool outside very soon, I thought he needed a place to snuggle in and stay out of the wet and/or cold.

Not that I really expected him to, of course. Every dog I've ever had sits in the rain, snow, and ice as opposed to hanging out in their cozy house.

But to appease my own guilt for making my dog be outside, I had to get him the house. At least I can blame him being soaking wet because of his own stubbornness and not my refusal to provide him a place of shelter.

So before I put the dog house outside for Argus to completely ignore, I decided to let C have some fun with it.

And fun he had.

The dog house is now outside, and amazingly enough, Argus seems to actually like it. He does spend some time hanging in his new crib. However, when it started to rain, he ran to the back door for me to let him in.

Obviously he hasn't quite grasped the concept yet. Pin It

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