Friday, October 17, 2008

Thief Of Joy

The Office has become one of my all-time favorite shows. Every week it gets more crazy, more outlandish, and more real-life than ever. And there's always something you can take away from each episode.

In last week's episode, my favorite take-away quote was, "You are a thief of joy."

I know that feeling exactly.

There are things in life that just suck the joy right out of you. Whether you want them to or not.

I think it's mostly the little things that get me, although the big things aren't exactly met with a happy dance. It just seems like the little things keep piling on to each other. They come in droves, it seems.

They stick together, those joy thiefs.

Things like having to take your car to the shop. And a stain on your favorite shirt that doesn't quite want to come out. A little boy's poopy diaper that happens to ooze at exactly the wrong time. Overcooking dinner because you were taking care of said oozy diaper. A bill you got in the mail that you thought you'd already paid. Or was way more than you expected (usually having to do with the car in the shop).

I could go on, but I won't. I think you get the idea.

I think the point is to not let yourself get mired down in those things. In essence, not to allow those things to steal your joy. But most of the time that's easier said than done.

But tomorrow comes. I love what Anne Shirley says, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." I think that can also apply to joy thiefs.

And it's so great to start out the day with a full tank of joy. Though some might say that getting up at a certain time early in the morning would begin the stealing of the joy because early wake-up times are not a welcome thing.

That someone might be me.

Or not.

Yeah, it is. You know me too well for me to be able to pull that one off.

And right now, my thief of joy is the battery on my laptop. It has run out of juice. Pin It


  1. A lot of joy theiving going on around here! First of all - I seem to have a major computer issue related to my ability to connect to the internet! Not Good!
    Washer problems...piled up laundry is definitely a joy theif. Water system not working properly...smelly water...another job theif. I don't like drinking water as it can I drink water that stinks? I should just be enjoying the beautiful sunshine - but I am fretting at the computer. Maybe I am my own thief.

  2. And the fact that I mispelled thief each time in the above post! Darn! I hate it when I do that and don't catch it...

  3. The fact that you just quoted Anne Shirley in this post makes you uber cool in my book! Not that you weren't already, but you know.

  4. Oh Jill! I can't count the number of times I've seen Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and the follow-up that was made years later that is so sub-par I can't even recall the name right now.

    And I've read all the books. And loved them.

    As constant movie quoters, my family often recalls lines from Anne. She's classic!