Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thoughts of Randomness

I've had a few random thoughts plunking around in this head of mine for a few days, and thought I'd share them with you.

Because you like it when I go off the deep end, right?

* The other day, I saw a marquee outside a furniture store that said:
Genuine Leather
Changing Tables

I must've totally missed the boat when I was shopping for baby furniture. I never once saw a genuine leather changing table. And I never saw anything genuine leather in a store that sold changing tables.

I've decided I might have to go check this place out. If for nothing else than to see what a genuine leather changing table looks like.

* C is getting close to walking. I will stand him up in the middle of the floor and try to get him to take a step toward me. Instead of taking a step, he leans forward and waits for me to catch him, which of course I do.

Hey, I want the boy to walk, not do a face plant in the floor.

C thinks the whole thing is funny. He starts laughing so hard he can't stand up and eventually ends up a pile of giggles in the floor. So much for learning to walk.

* I have gotten on a reading kick lately. Oh, nothing as interesting as you're hoping, I'm sure. Between Thursday and Sunday, I bought five books. Four for me to read, one to read to C.

I just finished Toddlerwise yesterday. I wish I'd read it about three or four months ago. We have definitely not been as structured with our day lately as we could be.

And most of the others I bought are of the parenting genre too. Clearly I feel as though I need some help.

The book we got for C is Jeff Foxworthy's Dirt on My Shirt. A combination I thought I'd never find: A book by Jeff Foxworthy located in the "Poetry" section.

It's a cute book - short poems about making bubbles in the bathtub (not with soap) and doing what boys do best - getting dirty and bugging their sister.

* I feel as though I have become increasingly lazy. Why, I don't really know because I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I'm busy all day, every day. Maybe I should see if Dr. Ezzo has a book called "Mommywise."

* I am a tad perturbed with Wal-Mart.

Our Wal-Mart is going through a remodel. And it has been for what seems like forever. I can handle everything being moved, shifted, and relocated every week when I go to shop. But I've about had it.

In order to make the store "pretty", they've dropped quite a few products I normally buy. And in doing so, they did something unforgivable. They are no longer carrying the particular brand of chocolate chips I use to make the cookies that NLB loves so.

And you don't mess with a girl's chocolate. Or a boy's cookies.

I have a call in to the grocery manager. He might not can do anything about the missing chocolate, but he'll at least hear about it.

So that's enough random thoughts for today. If you want your brain to hurt as much as mine does right now, go on over to Angela's blog and see how many calories are in your favorite Starbucks drinks. Pin It


  1. If you visit the furniture store you must sneak a picture for us. Our Target is going through a remodel and it it HORRIBLE!!! It's been going on for about 6 months and I think it's supposed to be finished soon. The only way they can make it up to me is if they are adding groceries...the real ones, not the small food section. That would make it worth it all.

  2. You've been tagged...check out my last post. ;)