Saturday, August 30, 2008

Whose Bright Idea Was This, Anyway?

Oh yeah. Mine.

Chickster and I were outside playing and I decided that it was time to get the pool out again. Seeing as we had our giant blanket out on the deck and we've been playing outside again in the evenings, I didn't want to pick it up and just have to put it back down again later.

So genius Me decided that I would just put the pool out in the grass instead of the deck where it usually goes.

Big. Mistake.

It started off fine. And went downhill.

Chickster enjoyed being in the water after not having been swimming in a while.

And then he started playing in the grass.

Argus was all about the pool today. I have no idea what his deal was.

He was also all about Chickster's little green ball, and kept trying to steal it when we weren't looking.

Last time we swam, Argus pounced in the pool and punctured the plastic inflatable bottom. (Like the blatant overuse of p's there?) The patch wasn't holding well, and the nice cushy bottom was losing air quickly.

And since Argus loves bubbles, he was all over trying to catch them. And repeatedly plunged his entire head into the water. Crazy dog.

And after he was finished chasing bubbles, he rubbed his face in the grass. Because that's what you're supposed to do, I guess.

And then Chickster came out of the pool. He just couldn't stay in.

But he went back to play in the water. And then back in the pool.

And then one of my pet peeves...grass in the water. Ugh. Quite possibly the thing I hate the most about little backyard pools. Grass and junk in the water gives me the heeby-jeebies. I have no idea why. I can handle Angela's bug, but grass in water I cannot stand. Go figure.

And then grass all over Chickster. I also hate having grass stuck to me, and I think it was almost worse having it stuck all over Chickster.

He had grass everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I actually stripped him down outside and tried to rinse the grass off before taking him inside.

Needless to say, Chickster ended up with a bath right after we finished with the pool. I found more cracks and crevices I didn't know he had. And I covered his little legs really well with anti-allergy cream since he'd already started to break out from the grass.

Next time, I'll have to just do the work and move the blanket and toys to put the pool on the deck. Or be entirely lazy and not get the pool out at all. But anything's better than grass stuck to us.

And the subsequent rash. Pin It


  1. I know that feeling...i always hated grass in my little back yard pool and then when it got stuck on me...ewwww

  2. Hahahaha!!! That is so funny! I love it!