Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Day Out

My friends have always sung the praises of Kids' Day Out (also called Mothers' Day Out in some places). They have lamented the summer break and nearly squealed with joy when it started back again in the fall.

I decided to sign Chickster up. I mean, if it's so great, I certainly don't want to miss out. But then I found out all the "stuff" that goes along with it.

No, you don't just take your kid. You take your kid and quite possibly half the things in your house, "just in case." For instance, we are asked to take a change of clothes, "just in case." We also take extra diapers, "just in case."

And of course the lunch. In a lunch box. Because I'm pretty sure they'll be hungry while they're there. But how do you know what to pack for lunch? I usually just start taking stuff out of the fridge and stop when he's done eating.

And then all the naptime necessities; the loveys, pacis, etc. Lucky us, Chickster is in a room with cribs. Once they graduate out of rooms with cribs, you have to take a nap mat.

I don't think I've said "nap mat" since I was in kindergarten.

And yeah, I had a cool nap mat. And Chickster will totally have a sweet one next year when he's graduated out of the crib room. I have a nap mat reputation to uphold.

So being the Type A person we all know I am, I had to completely think through this thing. What to pack for lunch? What bag to use? Which outfit could be the "extra" one, and would I remember that's where I put it when I go looking for it next? Oh, the insanity.

I wondered why in the world all these Mommies love this thing so much if it takes so much work to get their kids deposited.

I wanted to know. I longed to be as excited as they were. If only I could figure out what was so great about it.

So today was Chickster's first day of Kids' Day Out. He checked out his lunch box before we left the house. I believe it met with his approval.

And with minimal fanfare, Chickster was deposited in his class with his classmates and three lovely teachers.
And I had five whole hours until I had to pick him up. Five hours without a child.

During the day.

While other people were awake and stores were open.

Without having to worry about being back for a meal or a nap.

So what did I do? You're dying to know, aren't you?

I worked for a little while. Hey, stuff still has to get done. And then I went to three stores, ate, went to the mall, and even put gas in my car.

And I totally scored on my little shopping trip. I bought a sweet shirt at New York & Company for $4.99, and miraculously found the 75% off rack in the Children's department at Dillard's.

It blessed me, that 75% off rack.

And I never would've found that stuff if Chickster had been with me.

I love the boy, but it's nice to be able to wander aimlessly at the mall and find deals like that.

It was a strange feeling, being without him for that long. And he probably felt the same way. When I picked him up, he was glad to see me and was starting to get cranky.

Ms. R, one of his teachers, said they'd discovered that when Chickster was getting tired, he liked to have "his own space." Apparently another child had crawled over to "share" Chickster's toy, and he wasn't appreciating it.

I wonder where he gets that need for "18 inches of personal space" from.

But I think I liked it. And Chickster did too, really. I believe we'll go back next week.

If I can figure out what to pack for lunch. Pin It


  1. KDO has been my life saver for 4 years now. I thought about lying about Jeb's age and signing him up. I'm afraid that might not work. Maybe I could just sit him in a room and run. I'm glad you had a good day!!

  2. This post is so funny. I promise you will love it more and more each week. So glad Chickster and Parker are in the same class. As for lunch I am the same way about packing a lunch. I know some Mom's in the past cut up hotdogs, heat them very hot, and wrapped them in foil so they would hopefully still be warm by the time they ate lunch. I never have tried it but maybe I should next week. Parker had turkey & cheese yesterday along with some other stuff.

  3. Yes, I think I will love it once we get into the routine and get things figured out. And I'm glad he and Parker are in the same class, too. At least he'll have one friend that's the same on Sundays and Thursdays!

    Chickster ate just about everything I sent for lunch. And I thought I was sending way too much. The only thing that survived was a cracker and a few pieces of fruit.

    He will eat just about everything cold, including hot dog, so I'm not worried about the whole heating thing. I just never really know how much to pack because I don't know when he'll decide to stop eating. Sometimes I just have to quit feeding him. The lunch thing might be the most difficult part for me!