Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughts of Olympic Proportions

Now that the Olympics Games are over, I have a few more thoughts, musings, and questions regarding this year's Olympics. So here they are, in no particular order.

  • If you want to lose weight, become a serious marathon runner. Those women (and men) look insanely skinny.
  • Women's Shot Put = Frightening.
  • Why do the swimmers and divers shower off immediately after getting out of the pool? And then go get back into another pool? Aren't they wet enough?
  • Since Michael Phelps has worn a swim cap for so many years, why haven't his ears flattened out?
  • Who came up with the idea of using a long bendy stick to propel yourself over a tall horizontal stick? (Pole vault.)
  • Those indoor cycling helmets look crazy. I'll bet those guys get made fun of.
  • Table Tennis. Yes, it's really an Olympic sport. I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for Balls of Fury.
  • Badminton. Need I say more?
  • Running track apparently requires wearing bling of some sort.
  • While I'm glad that the women from Muslim countries are more involved in sports, their full-body-covering suits are crazy looking.
  • If you want your daughter to be a gymnast (a good one, anyway), you must name her something weird.
  • You will only grow up to play Beach Volleyball if your last name sounds good as part of your team name. And you'll be really good if you have a strange first name, too.
  • It's not about eating your Wheaties anymore, kids. This time it will be Frosted Flakes that has the biggest gold medal winner gracing its box. What is the world coming to?
  • Baseball and Softball are apparently getting the boot after this year's Olympics. Apparently the world couldn't stand that the USA seems to pwn the rest of the world.
  • BMX. Yeah, it's now an Olympic sport too. Wished you'd have known that as a kid, don't you? You'd have just about killed yourself making those ramps in the driveway. Skateboarding's probably next. Ooh, or Street Luge.
  • Good Coaches = Coaches who train and push their athletes, then encourage and celebrate with them when they do their best, whatever it is. (Women's Gymnastics coaches, especially when Nastia was basically robbed of the Gold.)
  • Bad Coaches = Coaches who basically tell you that you suck after placing second in the entire freaking world. In front of everybody. On worldwide TV. (Women's Pole Vault Coach.)
  • Good Sportsmanship = congratulating the competitor that beat you, or graciously accepting the congratulations of others when you win. Congratulating your teammates and telling them how much they mean to you when you win as a team. (Michael Phelps.)
  • Bad Sportsmanship = Kicking the ref in the face when you are busted for violating the rules. (Cuban TaeKwonDo guy, who got himself and his coach banned from the Olympics. For life.)
  • What happened to showing the Equestrian competition on any network other than Oxygen? Who gets that channel, anyway? You're telling me I had to be subjected to stinking Handball on the regular networks, but I couldn't watch Equestrian? Someone please help me.
  • Who plays Handball, anyway?
  • Oh, and what happened to Synchronized Swimming? Isn't that still in the Olympics? Or was that on Oxygen too?
  • On another note, how does one get into Synchronized Swimming or Water Polo?
  • Those Water Polo guys are ripped. They have to be or they would drown.
  • Their helmets look hilarious, though. Maybe they should start a support group with the indoor cyclists.

Ok, that is all. At least that's all I am willing to subject you to. I'm sure there are other good musings, observations, and questions out there. Talk amongst yourselves. (Said in my very best Linda Richman voice.)

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  1. You are hilarious! I did see lots of synchronized swimming on the last weekend of the Olympics. I guess you just had to have the TV on at the right time. Your husband gave me your link, BTW. I am enjoying your are very funny.

  2. The tramploine. Hello?! I had no CLUE that was part of the Olympics until I flipped over to that channel and I think my mouth dropped open. Who knew?