Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Not In My Nature To Be Mysterious...

You know I'm all about saying what I think. About whatever happens to take place or come to mind. So when something happens and I can't blog about it, it kills me.

It's like Rusty says in Oceans Twelve. "It's not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can't talk about it, and I can't talk about why."

It happened again just the other day. Husband and I were talking about something, and I was already trying to come up with a blog title for it. My brain was hopping with all sorts of funny and catchy phrases, and I was beginning to mentally compose the post right there in the living room. It was gonna be good, ya'll. Trust me.

Obviously, Husband could see the wheels turning because he interjected, "No, you can't blog about it."

And while my first response was, "Dang!", I knew he was right. It wasn't because it was anything bad. And it wasn't horrible or embarrassing. And it wasn't even deeply personal or a dark secret. But it was something that just probably wasn't appropriate to post on the internet for the world to see.

Wait, let me rephrase that. It's probably not appropriate to make fun of it on the internet for the world to see. Yeah, that's probably a bit more accurate.

With the advent of MySpace, Facebook, and blogs written by everybody and their dog, we sometimes forget that there are some things that shouldn't be posted on the World Wide Web. Not because they're bad, not because they're secret, and not because they're shocking and deeply personal.

But at some point, there has to be a line. A line you don't cross. A line that upholds common decency and a bit of decorum. A line that your children will appreciate when they become teenagers, knowing that while there may be embarrassing pictures of them on the web, at least they're not naked pictures. A line that you will appreciate when you become old and slobbery and can't tell your right from your left, but at least the entire world doesn't know what color your lucky undies were.

I say "were" because if you still have your lucky undies when you are old and slobbery, you either never wore them and thus they weren't really lucky or you're just downright gross. Or you found some bionic undies whose elastic never wore out.

In that case, I would need to know where you bought them.

But most of all, we have to keep in mind that when something is posted on the internet, it's there for the world. Forever. Sure, you can take it down. But that doesn't make it go away. And it can come back to bite you down the road.

I think some people forget that when they post all sorts of things on MySpace and Facebook, then wonder why they don't get hired at that new job.

So that's why I try to be careful about what I post. That's one reason I don't post specific details about some things. That's one reason I don't use real names unless the person I'm talking about chooses to use their real name on their own website. And that's why I don't post about some things that would undoubtedly be one of the best blog posts ever.

Funny, yes. True, absolutely. But it just wouldn't be right. Pin It


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Best blog ever.


  2. Why, thank you my dear, sweet Husband.

  3. Being the mom and on my way to being slobbery - I appreciate your position on limiting your blog posts. While I don't have any lucky undies...there are plenty of other things the world is not ready to know about me.

    And just in case the rest of you are wondering, the blog topic she was referring to wasn't about me, so there. I just appreciate my past and my future being protected. Besides, there are plenty of other funny, true stories about me and ours that will make perfect blog fodder.