Saturday, February 09, 2008

First Food!

As promised, here is Chickster's first taste of solid food. If you can call it "solid." He seemed to like it ok, but it will take some more practice before we all have it down.
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  1. nineranchmom2:17 PM

    There was only a little bit of "color" on that spoon - not near enough REAL food! Come on...there's supposed to be food from ear to ear. He's never gonna like it if it isn't any fun to eat it! LOL!

  2. brinkleyfireman5:15 PM

    It don't look like the boy cares for rice, Heaven forbid!, I think yu should try peanut butter, not the crunchy kind either. Or maybe some pimento-cheese, thats always hit the spot for me!!!!

  3. I'm currently only feeding the boy what I would eat, and pimento cheese is definitely NOT one of those things! I'll let someone else introduce him to that nasty stuff. And if I give him peanut butter, I'll have to fight the dog off since that's one of his favorite things in the entire world. So it'll be a while before that one, too.

    And yes, I would eat rice cereal, and I taste his before giving it to him to make sure it's not too warm (if I heat it).

  4. brinkleyfireman8:36 AM

    I would be more than happy to show the young lad what a good potted meat sandwich is all about, or better yet, potted meat sittin' on a Ritz, now there is fine eatin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bring him on down in the spring when we can get some gumbo between his toes and I'll feed him all manner of Delta Delicasies,,,,,has he tried crawdad pie?