Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We're busy being boring around here. I think I've said that before - or at least something like it. But that's ok - boring can be good. It's actually nice now and then. I'm looking forward to a few days of nothing much. But here's what we have been up to:

Chickster is starting to become more accustomed to his "solid" food. I think he kind of likes it, though he's not really sure what exactly he's supposed to do with it quite yet. He still only eats a few bites at a time, but that's ok. His little tummy needs some time to adjust. He eats better in the evenings when we're sitting down to eat with him. He feels like a part of the fun that way. He's also started sucking/chewing on his bottom lip over the last day or two. It's pretty cute. But then again, when is he NOT cute? Oh, and he found his feet the other day. He likes to reach down, grab a foot and hold on for a bit. He's pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, sort of like, "Yeah, I've known these were here for a while now, I just didn't want to play with them." He hasn't realized yet that they can reach his mouth. And that's just fine with me. But it is kind of funny to see him sitting in his seat, sucking his bottom lip, holding his foot. I endeavored to get a picture this morning, but the camera battery ran out and had to be charged. Hopefully one will be forthcoming.

We are in the throwes of the new season of LOST, American Idol and the start of the first-ever winter season of Big Brother. I must admit that I was really getting into Idol last night (loving the contestants getting to play instruments!) when I had to switch over and watch the premiere of BB9. I love AI and all, but BB9 will take priority any day. If you have DVR'd it, I won't spoil anything for you - I'll just say I think that was the best first episode ever. And as for LOST, all I can say is WOW! I am soooo hoping that with the writers coming back to work this week, ABC will decide to finish out the season with the remaining 8 episodes that were originally planned. Otherwise, it's going to be a looooong time until next season!

Well, that's about all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure there's something else going on that I should report, but as I can't think of it, it will have to wait until another time. That's just the way it goes. Pin It

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