Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Stats, 4 Months

Chickster had his 4-month checkup today. He's offically grown since last time.

As usual, Dr. B was prompt. I can't tell you how much I love being in and out of the doctor's office in less than 30 minutes! Chickster spent some time flirting with the nurse as he was being weighed and measured, but he saved a few smiles for Dr. B, all the while trying to show Dr. B his "trick" of putting nearly his entire fist in his mouth. Of course, that may be part of the reason Chickster's hands and cheeks are getting a bit chapped - constant slobber will do that to you, I suppose. Chickster did lose it this time - but it was while he was being weighed. He'd "done the deed" in his diaper in the waiting room, so the usual chore of weighing a naked, squirmy baby was a little more complicated this time. I don't blame him for crying - I wouldn't want to have to do that in the hallway of my doctor's office either.

We got an A+ report from Dr. B. Chickster has hit all of his growth and developmental milestones for his age. And he's about 50/50 on his sleeping. Dr. B asked if we'd let Chickster stay up on his 4-month birthday (New Year's Eve) to watch the fireworks at the mall for a mini-party. Sadly, no. But we were up at 11pm and then again at 5am. Does that count? Anyway, here are his new stats:

Height: 24 1/4 inches
Weight: 13 pounds, 2 ounces
Head: Still tiny. Ha!

He's definitely more wiggly than our last appointment. The beginnings of trying to roll over are showing themselves, and he's hardly ever in the same spot I put him in when I go to get him up from a nap. How he wiggles around that much, I'll never know. He wiggled so much the other day that he had little knots in his hair. Those were a challenge to get out. I never imagined I'd have to worry about untangling a boy's hair - a girl's, yes, but not a boy's! Maybe it's time for another haircut. I'll think about it. Pin It

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  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    When are you gonna bring baby great nephew to visit? The Car-baby would love to teach him all kinds of crazy things.

    Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR!!!

    Aunt Val