Monday, December 31, 2007

Quick Update, Episode 2

Ok, so here's another quick update on what's up with us.

We had a great Christmas. It was really nice to get to stay home and enjoy it with Chickster. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church, and I took Chickster down front to sit with the kids while Pastor read the Christmas story. We also spent some time at Mimi and Papa Sam's, and at Papa Duke and Cini's.

I am now trying to get all the Christmas stuff put away. It shouldn't be that hard since we only put up the tree, a wreath, and a small tree in Chickster's room. However it has turned out to be more of a challenge than I had imagined. Husband and I took the tree down last night, and I put the furniture back in place today. And as much as I wanted to get the rest of the stuff done today, it just didn't happen. But it will...soon.

Chickster sat in his first "big church" service on Sunday morning. He took his customary 30-minute morning nap during the sermon. Sorry, Pastor. :) But in reality, he was sleeping through Pastor's sermons before he was born. One of these days I'll start pinching him to keep him awake, but we're probably all glad that Sunday was not one of those times.

We are being old boring people for New Year's...staying home, going to bed early. Well, at least I'm going to bed early. Chickster and I have been struggling a bit at night so I'm trying to get all the sleep I can, which is a challenge. And it's time for those New Year's Resolutions that we won't keep. I think I've decided not to make any. That way I won't not keep them. Makes sense, doesn't it? I don't really know anymore, what makes sense and what doesn't. Lack of sleep does funny things to you. There's definitely a reason it's used as a torture method. And I daresay that those doing the torturing would have to work long and hard to crack a woman who's had a baby, due to the amount of sleep depravation she's already been through and still functions as a passable human being.

On the gross side of things, Chickster has averaged one blowout diaper a day for the past few days. Today I was holding him when it happened. And I felt it. Yep. I felt it bubble up his back. Poor guy. I knew we were in for it, but I didn't realize just how bad it was until I went to change him. By the time I laid him on the changing table (which just makes everything worse), the ooze had made its way almost all the way up to his armpits. And of course, he was wearing an outfit that had to come off over his head. Needless to say, he had an "emergency" bath. But since baths are fun, it wasn't all bad. But we sure are going through the bleach on those onesies. I'll be surprised if they don't eventually disintigrate by the time he grows out of them.

Well, it's off to bed for me. Chickster is sleeping, Husband is shooting his friends in an online game, and the dogs have finally decided to leave the neighbors and their noisy party alone. If they stay noisy, however, I will not be leaving them alone. Let's hope for all of our sakes that they quiet down. Soon. Pin It

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  1. Oh how your life is scarily like mine right now.... down the even the last paragraph about your baby being asleep and your hubby shooting his friends online. I can completely understand all that. And the blowout diapers - girl, I so feel your pain right there. I am going on strike agains Luvs. Those things aren't worth a dime to a nursing infant.