Thursday, December 06, 2007

Silence is Golden...And It's Gone for Good!

Chickster found his voice today. At 5:55 a.m., to be exact. He woke up blowing bubbles and squealing to his heart's delight. Not mine. So, like any Mom with a kid that wakes up willy-nilly before dawn, I tried my darndest to get him to go back to sleep. And when that failed, I plopped him in the swing and lay down on his blanket in the floor in front of the swing (with my pillow and blanket from the rocker) and proceeded to doze for the next 45 minutes or so until time for his breakfast. Then the little stinker tried to go back to sleep on me. Oh no! Time to pay the piper, buddy. After Chickster's breakfast was over, I handed him off to Husband, who obligingly agreed to entertain the little squirt for a bit then put him down for a nap. And I went back to bed. It was marvelous. Husband did a great job taking care of things so I could catch a few much-needed extra winks.

Then, this afternoon, Chickster once again realized his new-found noise-making skills. While he was playing on the floor, he proceeded to entertain us all with squeals and giggles. I know that babies can't really control their volume, but gosh, he's loud (which totally reminds me of an awesome SNL sketch with Will Ferrell that apparently no one else likes, because I can't find it on YouTube.). The dogs have quickly learned to distinguish between Chickster's crying and chattering. Argus especially is concerned when Chickster cries. However, both dogs seemed a bit annoyed at all the squealing this afternoon. Maybe because they weren't allowed to take part.

Tonight, Chickster squealed himself to sleep. He lay in his bed for almost 45 minutes before he finally nodded off - and he was falling asleep when I put him to bed. He decided to use his new talents to see how long he could stay awake, I guess. He didn't even want his pacifier, which of course, had been slung across the bed. He wanted to talk. Husband and I just chuckled at his squeaks and squeals, happy that he was content to talk instead of cry. If this is any indication of the future, I believe we have a talker on our hands. Hmmm...imagine that.

Here's a pic of our little chatterbox from this afternoon, when we were all having so much fun.
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  1. Yep, you will be doing a LOT of listening from now on...
    Listening for the QUIET!!! that will never come! LOL

    Well, maybe it will come...I am sitting at home - alone. That RARELY happens and if it weren't for the evening news it would be quiet here. I think this phenomenon will be occurly more frequently and I will have to make adjustments...turn up the TV probably!

    Oh, wait...I think I hear HLB's truck coming up the drive!

  2. Yeah, but you've had to wait 29 years for that quiet!

  3. brinkleyfireman7:05 AM

    Don't let your mom fool you, she never has been much of the quiet type, even befor you guys came along,,,