Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And The Award Goes To...

It seems we have another award-winning sibling in the family. I mean, all the sibs are great and all, but sometimes it helps when you bring home the hardware. Fidget has done just that. You see, last year she joined the Civil Air Patrol, a civillian auxiliary program of the US Air Force. They do search and rescue, disaster relief, and lots of other suff to train civillians and help out the "big boys" when needed. Fidget has really enjoyed herself this past year, and has the awards to prove it.

Last night was the annual banquet for our area's squadron. Fidget went home with five, yes five awards. They are as follows:

2007 Ground Team Member of the Year (Search & Rescue)

2007 NCO of the Year (Non-commissioned Officer)

2007 Attendee of the Year (100% attendance)

2007 Commander's Choice Award - Most Inspirational. This is chosen by the local Deputy Commander for Cadets.

Certificate of Recognition of Life Saving. This one is really cool because it is a national award. Fidget came to the aid of an injured man at the local ice rink and her superior officers thought it was so cool, they submitted her for this national award. Oh yeah - she's 15 - soon to be 16. How many people can say they have saved somebody's life before they could even drive on their own?

Way to go, girl! We are proud of you - keep up the good work! Here's a shot of her at the banquet. Woo hoo - hot stuff!

By the way, it seems that Fidget may have grown out of her name. So if there are any suggestions for an "upgrade," I'd be open to hearing them. Pin It

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