Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Coming....

Christmas is sneaking up on us quickly. It's barely November and here we are, already making intricate, detailed plans for Christmas and all its festivities. Sure, we need to plan, but even before Halloween was over the stores had their Christmas gear all over the place. That doesn't help me at all.

You see, I am having the Annual Christmas Tree Debate with myself. Should I put the tree up? Should I not? This year has an added obstacle, in that we have new furniture and thus no good place to actually put the tree. Only made complicated by the fact that we will be spending some time away from home this year. Putting up the tree has those "warm fuzzy" memories for me, so I like the idea of putting it up. It's just the actual work that I don't like. Husband doesn't have the same "warm fuzzies" about putting the tree up, so he is not as enthused about it as I try to be. I did ask him a week or so ago - "Should we put the tree up this year?" His response, "Nah." That's kind of what I wanted to hear, but sort of not. I'm tempted to purchase a skinny pre-lit tree that I can just set by the fireplace and plug in. That will fulfill my need for white twinkle lights without me having to drag the giant tree out along with all the paraphanalea. However, when I suggested that, it didn't garner the, "Yes, we should definitely do it" that I wanted to hear. The response I received was positive, yet reserved. That's ok. They will be on sale at Hobby Lobby for a while yet. Plus, I don't know that I could bring myself to spend the money on it anyway.

All of this is made complicated by the fact that Husband has been asking to get out the Christmas stuff, including the CDs, for the past three weeks or so. He's ready to celebrate. The only problem is that I am the one who drags everything out, puts it all up, then cleans it up and puts it all back. It's a lot of work that I'm not quite ready for yet. I feel that Thanksgiving weekend is quite early enough, and New Year's is quite long enough for it to be in place. I am, however, ready to shop.

I love to shop for Christmas gifts. I would Christmas shop all year long if I could. However, it gets more difficult every year. Because last year you found the perfect gift for someone, and that means that the perfect gift has already been given. So anything else will be un-perfect by very definition of last year's gift. And as technology moves along, the fun things get more expensive and other things get more blah. It's causing me to have to be more creative with my ideas and think outside the box more than I usually do. And then there's Mom...who we ask what she wants and she replies: "a skillet...and dishtowels." Pin It


  1. Glad to see you post something....I enjoy reading your stories! :)

    I have the same struggle with the tree. I told Scott that I'm going to put up our prelit tree in the dining room and not mess with the big tree this year. We, like you, don't have a good place for it this year. :)

  2. Bah! Humbug! I suppose you can get away with NOT having a tree since the dogs don't have need for "warm fuzzies."

    BUT - DO NOT - I repeat!!! DO NOT let your dad hear one word about not putting up a tree! He whines every year about putting up the tree. I love the Christmas tree...and I have this definite advantage. I have so much astigmatism that when I take off my glasses the twinkle lights make the best splatters of light. It's just way too cool. It's the only time of the year I spend more time with my glasses off than on.

    And besides, where are you going to display your new ornaments if you don't put up "the" tree?!?!?

  3. Yes, and we all know you can't hear with your glasses off, so I'm sure it's a relaxing experience. :P

  4. Curly8:11 PM

    I think we are going to do something crazy this year and get Mom something other than dishtowels or a skillet. I'm thinking maybe a toilet brush! How EXCITNG!!!!