Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eureka! I Have Found It!

I remember being quite traumatized as a child during one spelling test. I knew I had spelled the word correctly, yet it was marked incorrect on my paper. How could this be? I didn't make mistakes like that! The word? Vacuum. Yeah, I spelled it with one "u", which is how any normal person would spell it. Whoever came up with all the stupid spelling rules for the English language should be shot. But they're probably already dead, so that would be beside the point. Anyway, that always stuck in my head, and now it actually drives me nuts (and gives me horrible flashbacks) when someone misspells "vacuum."

I have been coveting a new vacuum for quite some time. Ours, while functional, was definitely not working at its optimal capacity after nearly eight years of hard use. So much so that I wanted to rip out the carpet in the living room. I have been researching new vacuums for a while, and had finally found the one I wanted. It was moderately priced - definitely no Dyson, but one that after reading the reviews, I felt would do a good job with our amount of flying dog hair. I had been waiting until the right time to make my move. And that time came last week.

I was getting ready to paint the guest room, which is the former office. I had found an amazing amount of dog hair in the room, even after vacuuming a couple of times, and I was vacuuming again. But it didn't seem to be picking anything up. So, I pulled the vacuum cleaner into the entryway (on the tile) and opened it up. The nastiness and disgust that was expelled from the belly of that vacuum was enough to make a normal person scream in terror. I was being attacked by wads of hair and dirt that was supposed to be going into the bag. In an act of rebellion, the bag had come off and thus the vacuum cleaner had been expelling the things it was actually picking up all over the insides of the machine. And so, as it's falling out all over the place and I was yelling in frustration, I became even more frustrated because I had no good way to clean it up. This was the vacuum cleaner. It's a piece of crap. So I can't vacuum up the filth it has refused to put in its proper place. So, I yelled, "That's it! I can't take it anymore! We're getting a new vacuum cleaner!" Husband, who was revelling in the new office by gaming with some friends said, "Um, ok. Go for it."

So, I did it. I ordered the new vacuum cleaner. I got it from the best place to get things...WalMart. And it was shipped to my local store for free. I brought it home and Husband helped me assemble it and figure out how to work it, which took all of just a few seconds. And then I turned it on.

And the amazement began. I vacuumed the entire house, and had to empty the canister three times in the process. Gross, yes. But also rewarding. Knowing that the new vacuum cleaner worked infinitely better than the old one, and that my house didn't have to be that dirty and my carpet didn't have to look that crappy. The carpet looks so much better now that I think that in time I might lose the urge to rip it out. Way to go, Eureka. You've just saved me a bunch of money and increased my carpet enjoyment level. Pin It

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  1. Curly8:18 PM

    Does the new vacuum come with all of the nifty attachments? We need a new one as well. While we do not have dogs our house is some sort of unnatural magnet for dust from the horses and I am convinced that the cat completely sheds his coat 3 times a week!