Friday, March 10, 2006

AI Disappointment

Ok, so I must admit my disappointment in the outcome of the voting on American Idol. Don't get me wrong - I totally agree with the girl choices. I thought Kinnik would go, and I really had trouble with Ayla. I think those were the best two to send home.

The guys is what I take issue with. What the heck is America thinking? First of all, little Kevin is still in? What, are 80 year old grandma's watching this and burning up the phone lines voting for him? He wasn't even in the bottom three! Give me a break. I'm sure he's a sweet guy, and he has a nice voice. But he is NO American Idol.

And then to send Gedeon home? What the heck? I started screaming at the TV...just ask Husband. I couldn't believe it. First of all, I still have a hard time believing he's 17. I also read that his dad passed away in between the time he auditioned and went to Hollywood. He made the choice to press on and what does he get? Sent home, that's what. Poor guy. I know he wasn't the best vocalist, but he was definitely a showman and was fun to watch.

So not only does little Kevin stay and Gedeon is sent home, but Bucky stays? Again, I say, what the heck? I guess I'm underestimating the NASCAR contingency in all of this. I suppose they think that because Carrie Underwood won last year, they should start watching AI now...and voting. I liked Carrie - she was good. But America isn't in need of another country idol. There's a whole show for that. It's called Nashville Star. Go be on that show. Leave the rest of the music genres to us.

I thought it was awesome that my boy, Bo Bice was on the show on Thursday. He didn't have his best performance I don't think, but it was good to see him again live. He's lost a lot of weight since last season.

Well, I hope the fans don't go all nuts and leave the wrong people in the competition for much longer. Maybe I'm the one who's going to have to burn up the phone lines in order to insure it. Pin It


  1. It's time to set up unlimited text messaging on my phone! I know my few little votes might not make that big a dent in 40 something million, but still. I was sad to see Gideon go as well. He was the only one that I didn't agree with. Although, I must say, Bucky is growing on me. Not my choice for the American Idol, but he's got that "likability factor" that Simon always talks about.

  2. Hey, listen here! We like Buck-eh (picks belly button). He's arr he-ro (chin dripping with brown chewing tobacco grease)

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I cant believe you people obsess aout this show this BAD. At least dancing with the stars was a challenge.