Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ah, Spring Break

Enjoy it while you can kids, because for the rest of us Spring Break is nothing but a rip-off. And an almost guaranteed crappy weather week.

I think that we should all have a mandated week off from work in the spring, just like the kiddies get from school. It would go far toward refreshing people and preparing them to hit the ground running. But around here Spring Break is more like a working vacation. Which means one of two things: You can either get tons done because everyone is gone, or you can get nothing done because everyone is gone.

Just the phrases “First day of Spring” and “Spring Break” evoke wrath from the Jet Stream and artic air. Every year, we’ll have some great weather, then BAM! It’s Spring Break and it’s freezing and raining. Possibly even snowing. I will never forget one of the biggest snow storms I’ve ever seen came the first day of Spring Break when I was in Junior High. Everyone was snowed in…and already out of school. There was no need to go to the mountains to ski that year – you could ski in your own backyard (Well, if you had a hill or someone with a rope, a 4-wheeler, and an old trash can lid).

And this year is no exception. There are so many people gone from the office that when I went to hand-deliver some letters yesterday, only two people out of fifteen were actually in the office. And it’s freezing outside. Sure, last week was warm and sunny. But this is Spring Break week, so naturally, it’s frigid, windy, and rainy. There’s even a chance of “freezing precipitation” on Thursday.

So once Spring Break is over, we can finally move on to Spring. But don’t count on anything until after Easter. It’s usually cold then, too. Pin It

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