Thursday, March 23, 2006


If you’re an American Idol fan, you’ve probably heard all about a little website called Their goal is to throw the competition off by keeping people in who, well, stink. It started two years ago with what’s his name, the red-headed Stevens boy. He was straight out of the 50’s and wasn’t going to be moving into present-day any time soon. Then last year, they were all about Scott Savol. Ugh, I couldn’t stand him. This year, they’ve been the driving force behind Chicken Little, or Kevin Covais, whichever name you prefer.

However, Little Kevin was finally kicked off the show last night. It’s about time. I do have to say this, though. I had a glimmer of hope in my heart when I saw that he and Bucky were the bottom two. I could stand Kevin a little longer, and I really wanted Bucky to go. Really. So, even with the driving force behind the website and all the 80-year-olds voting for Kevin, it was time for him to go. So who will VFTW throw their votes behind now?

Ironically, it will not be the true “worst” of the group. Rumor has it on the website that they will now “Pick Pickler” and keep Kellie in as long as they can. So maybe in an odd way, that’s good news for those of us who can hardly keep from having seizures when Bucky is on stage.

Did you see Barry Manilow last night? The only signs in the crowd for him were held by people over 40. They showed this one lady who looked like she’d done nothing but bleach her hair and tan her skin since the 50’s with a sign than said “Fanilow” with an arrow pointing at her. Blech! Anyway, big Bobby that got kicked off several weeks ago was in the crowd, and by the time Barry’s song ended, Bobby was up on stage. Ryan introduced them and I thought that Bobby was going to maul/molest the poor man. He couldn’t take his hands off of him! Personal space, dude…learn about it.

Oh, and by the way…I need to retract a statement I made. Go ahead and strike Ace Young off of my favorites list. His first week was great, and after that, he continues to stink it up. And I’ve decided he looks a little creepy, too. Almost like a Ken doll with long hair. Reminds me too much of Constantine, who I could hardly stand to look at. (And by the way, who has broken up with his band, “Pray for the Soul of Betty” in order to pursue ‘other things.’)

Chris Daughtry remains my main man, with Mandisa and Katharine close behind. Elliott has a great voice, but he’s just sorta boring. I’d like to see him actually perform a song. Yeah, yeah, don’t give me that “but he’s 90% deaf in one ear” and “he just found out he’s got diabetes” junk…I know. We all have issues. But he’s got to prove to me that he’s an American Idol, and so far he hasn’t.

Oh, and one last thing. Pretty much everybody in America has voted by now, at least once. If you haven’t, it’s ok. But don’t come into the office and announce, “I voted for the first time last night!” to those of us who’ve been Idol-watching since the first season. It’s so lame, and all it does is show how much of an Idol-rookie you are. Pin It


  1. Don't be hatin' on the takes a little longer for some folks to catch on...and then there are those of us who just aren't gonna catch on, no matter what> :)

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  3. I deleted the second comment. Not because I was trying to keep "Scott the Hater" from making his own remarks about the AI competition, but because it got a little too personal. Dude, don't come on here and talk smack about someone's family when you don't even really know the situation.

    In the future, please keep all your comments on-topic, and don't be "hating" on someone who can't defend themselves.