Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Almost Time for Sweeps

Well, we are officially back in the groove, now that the television networks have quit showing reruns. It's about stinkin' time, too. All the time I had over the holidays to mindlessly watch TV was wasted on reruns. And February Sweeps is coming Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

Why? I know you're wondering what the heck I'm watching, because you are not as entertained as I am by something as simple as a glowing box. Let me break it down for you.

American Idol: Yes, we are addicted to this show. Husband watches it with me. We have appreciation for talent, but that really comes later in the show. Until the final 10 or so are announced, we are not the gracious, encouraging, cheering type that want to see others succeed at their dreams to be the next AI. We want to see the people who think they are good fail miserably and act like idiots. Such as the rather large guy from this past Tuesday night that the judges gave a "second chance" and let him come back an hour later. Horrible. And the Statue of Liberty impersonator who got literally a note and a half out of his mouth before Simon told him to leave. And my favorite so far, the Deputy from Virginia who sang the chorus to "I Shot The Sherriff," except that he forgot the rest of the words, so he sang the same line about 10 times. Yes, I know it's bad to sit and make fun of people as they fail. But they knew what they were getting into. This is national television folks, and they are idiots.

LOST: I realize this show is a "love it or hate it" type of show. I love it, Husband hates it. I am addicted to it. I was furious yesterday when I realized that I had taped a stupid basketball game on Wednesday night because my show was preempted by "school spirit" or something. Had I known, I would've switched over to the out-of-state competitor and taped it there. But NOOOOOOO, they had to give you zero warning that they would YANK the best show on TV to watch our local college team (whom I normall love and cheer for) lose to a bitter rival. Oh, sure. They'll re-air it. Saturday night at 10:35. While I'm watching SNL and have to tape it again and hope something ELSE doesn't preempt it.

I'm not all into playing the show back in slow motion or speculating on the Dharma Initiative and stuff. I take it as it comes and try to pick up on tiny little clues. It's always interesting to watch the recap shows, because they inevitably leave out something I think was important.

The Office: This is the funniest show on TV, I strongly believe. Again, it's a "love it or hate it" show and Husband hates it. He sees nothing funny about it. But I love any show about office or playground politics (Recess). Because I can relate. Even if I'm not involved, I see it and have seen it. And each person you know is represented by someone in The Office. Last week, I laughed so hard that I cried. Husband yelled from the home office, "Are you ok?" as I sat laughing, red-faced, with tears streaming down my cheeks. I tried to explain what was so funny, but he didn't get it. Too bad for him, is all I have to say.

MadTV and SNL: These are Saturday night staples, and really have become sort of "so-so" in their really good humor. But I think that SNL is getting better and it is always good when they bring in new players. You have to admit that Lazy Sunday is awesome. The favorite sketches are always good...Coach and Stewart from Mad; and sadly, all of my favorites from SNL are no longer there. I hope they give me some new faves this year - a reason to stay up late and watch.

Random: Then there's the random shows throughout the week that I enjoy, even if I shouldn't. Uh, there's Iron Chef (Japanese and American - I know, you think I'm weird now.), Family Guy, King of the Hill (I'm upset that this is the last season!), the staple reruns of Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Friends. There are other random shows I enjoy watching (or not watching, but just having on) while I'm doing stuff around the house.

I probably watch too much TV. Maybe I'm making up for feeling deprived as a child. Pin It


  1. Love American Idol.
    Love Lost.
    Haven't watched even one episode of "The Office".
    Usually am asleep or watching a movie with Hubby during SNL.
    HATE the Iron Chef!
    And what about the chick on AI that thought she was just so fabulous and was holding her hand near her ear like I'm sure she's seen other people do, but it was the most wreched thing I've ever heard and seen!!!! I laughed so hard at that poor girl!!!

  2. Oh, yeah. She totally was a Britney Spears wanna-be. And her mom was just scary. I couldn't believe that Simon actually asked for the mom to come in. They were both sad.

  3. Deprived as a child, were you? The reason you can appreciate TV today is because you know what it is to only be allowed 2 hours to watch at a you carefully choose what is important to you. You are a critical tv watcher. If you love it, you watch it. If you don't love it - you can leave it alone.
    I must say...though, I see NO good reason to watch Iron Chef!

  4. Curly3:49 PM

    Lost is an important hour of TV weekly at our house. And Duputy guy loves survivor, so I have started watching it.
    Reruns of wonderful show like Seinfeld and Raymond are of course necessary to any well educated human's tv schedule.
    One thing I could do without though is the endless watching of COPS and worlds wildest police videos!

  5. TRUMP8:55 AM

    WOW u people are sick. Whatever happend to being to busy to watch TV. Ok I will admit to loving "The Office" it is GREAT!! although I'm gonna have to go with your Husband on the hateing of LOST. That show is definately lost.