Monday, January 23, 2006

Celebrating 100 Episodes

Well, here it is folks. My 100th post. Special, isn't it? When I started this blog, I didn't really think I would enjoy it this much, much less ever have 100 posts and still be going. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading what I have to say. Your comments are great and I appreciate your feedback.

TV Shows get lots of hype for making it to 100 episodes. Have you seen the commercial for the upcoming 100th episode of Scrubs? I used to watch that show...and got side-tracked and lost interest. I've thought about getting back into it, if only for the pompus boss guy. But then again, I can get that from House if I can ever remember to watch it on Tuesday night.

100th Episodes are rarely anything abnormal or really special. So this post won't be either. It's just whatever I'm thinking.

O, I completely forgot to put Boston Legal in my tv post on Friday. Yes, it's what is left of The Practice, which we really enjoyed despite the controversy. James Spader makes a good weirdo and William Shatner is priceless as "Denny Crane." Betty White's character has become a psycho killer, and I'm quite interested to see how that whole storyline plays out.

I'm quite irritated with the weather today. Don't get me wrong - I'm absolutely loving the foggy, dreary, cold day. I just wish it was snowing. We finally get some typical "winter" weather, and snow is nowhere in the forecast. It's actually supposed to be quite "pleasant" the rest of the week. It would be pleasant if it would snow.

I would like to state, for the record, that I picked both winners of the NFL Playoff games yesterday. Husband was not sure they could pull it off, but I knew that the Steelers and the Seahawks would beat their opponents. Of course we are fans of neither team, but I'm probably going to have to root for the Steelers in the Super Bowl. You just have to love the story of Ben Roethlisberger and his success in the NFL.

I watched the Miss America Pageant on Saturday night with some friends. Of course, we made fun of the contestants and critiqued everything they said/did/wore. We successfully picked the winner, Miss Oklahoma. Miss Arkansas made it to the top 10, but since she didn't make the finals, it was comforting that a neighboring state won.

Well, that's about it. Some 100th Episode, huh? Pin It


  1. Wow! 100! I have enjoyed your witty look at your own life - and mine in a round-about sort of way. It's a fun to way to keep connected. Glad you are able to follow through with the whatever it takes to make it happen regularly.

  2. I have to wonder how many people were thinking "Where in the heck is Hazen Arkansas?!" Ooo! I know!

  3. I know, I had the same thought. "Hazen? Wow."

  4. I want more stories of little green men.

  5. TRUMP8:59 AM

    Miss Georgia should have won!! Oh I had a guy in my Animal Science class last semster that was from Hazen!


  6. She didn't have "good crown hair," as one of the girls at the party put it.