Friday, December 02, 2005

All I Want For Christmas...

…is my two front teeth. Oh wait. That was in the 80’s. Nevermind. I got those finally; And then a new one last year (another story for another time).

Yes, Christmas is coming, ready or not. I’m mostly ready. But I feel very behind in one area. Husband’s gift(s). Usually by now I’ve found something absolutely awesome (or at least passably cool) for him. This year, however, I’ve got nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I have a couple of things in mind, but neither is very spectacular. Sure, he’d like them, but I’m not sure it would live up to the awesomeness of last year. It’s so hard to surprise him, and I really got the drop on him last Christmas. The four hand-autographed 8x10’s of various Dallas Cowboys players that I got him last year are proudly displayed in the office. I bought them last August. Yep, August. I had to strategically hide them, especially since we were moving and I didn’t want him to find them.

He always does a great job shopping for me. He knows what I like sometimes even when I don’t. He even has a great track record in purchasing clothing, something a lot of guys struggle with. I never have to worry about what he’s getting me because he always comes up with something good.

Did you ever make a Christmas list as a kid? I sure did…part of that list-making quirk that I have. Sure, I know that lots of kids made Christmas lists, but not like mine. We utilized the myriad of toy catalogs that a certain grandmother received, and so my list was frequently organized by catalog and had page numbers listed beside each item. (Not that I ever got much from those catalogs.) One year I even cut out pictures from magazines and glued them onto index cards along with specific sizes and colors that I would like to have. Yes, a bit obsessive, I know. Of course, the kid version of the Christmas list always had hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of toys/junk on it. Completely unnecessary, sometimes ridiculous stuff. As adults, we are taught, even forced to think about things that are needed rather than what we want. We think, “Is the electric bill paid?” when we used to think, “When do I get my allowance so I can go buy that completely cool thing at Wal-Mart?” Even so, I find myself generally wishing for useful things as an adult. Not that I don’t enjoy some unnecessary things now and then, but I’m a practical kind of girl; shocking, I know. So even practical things are fun to me most of the time. I haven’t made an actual Christmas list in a while. What’s a grown-up supposed to put on a Christmas list? New tires for the car? World Peace? Maybe it’s time I give it another shot. So here we go. I may be a bit rusty, so bear with me. It’s time for the Official Superchikk Christmas List, 2005 (in no particular order).

A Yankee Candle (French Vanilla, Clean Cotton, Mandarin & Cranberry, or Cucumber & Cantaloupe), a Chef’s knife, new clothes from Banana Republic, Gap, or Express, towels that match my bathroom, Cinderella on DVD, (man, this is hard!) um…just about anything from Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens N’ Things (that narrows it down, right?), a DVD-R/VCR combo, a gift certificate to Lowe’s so I can buy paint, pretty much any old Disney movie on DVD (like The Gnome-Mobile, Million Dollar Duck, Swiss Family Robinson, etc.), a new pair of awesome house shoes/slippers since the dog rendered the ones I stole from Husband unwearable (size 9 – I know, huge feet), a TV bracket to hold a 13” TV, any vanilla scented bath product, pieces to add to my Fontanini Nativity collection (no sheep, please – plenty of those already), um…I’m running out of ideas here…oh, cash and gift certificates are always accepted, I’d love some new living room furniture, and let’s not forget World Peace, just for good measure.

So there it is, such as it may be. Pretty crappy, I know…I’m not very creative right now, nor am I used to sitting around thinking about things I would like to have. But now the real challenge is before me…finding the perfect thing(s) for Husband. I’ll let you know how it goes in about a month. Pin It


  1. YOU have big feet? I just bought size 10 tennis shoe and I'm like half your age! AND STILL GROWING! Wow.

  2. does husband read your blog? If so, the nice things you had to say about his gift-purchasing ability ought to be just the right touch!

    I have always preferred the practical gifts to the foo-foo stuff. So you probably inherited that nasty trait as well. My obsession with practical gifts has probably come from my long standing position as a MOM - with children who were always in NEED of something useful and practical.

    I still prefer the practical for myself. I asked for a new bathroom rug for Christmas - now isn't that romantic? I will ALWAYS take new dishtowels!

    It kinda ticks me off to get foo-foo unless it is REALLY something I wanted, cause I figure that took the place of something practical I could have had.

    For our 29th anniversary Dad got me one of those mattress warming pads - in it's original Wal-Mart sack (I hate spending money on fancy paper and ribbons...just $ wasted!) Let me tell you, that was a HIT!! I set my timer to kick that baby on about 30 minutes before bedtime...I love crawling into a warm bed - left over from the years we had a water bed! I will certainly be enjoying that gift!