Monday, December 05, 2005


And now last, but certainly not least, we come to Squirt.

I have two words to say about Squirt that pretty much sums it all up: Drama Queen. Being the youngest of the seven, she faces challenges the rest of us only imagined. Sure, she’s experienced the vying for attention, the random knock-down, drag-out fights, and the plain ‘ol sibling rivalry. What she faces that the rest of us didn’t was the stigma of being “the baby.”

Squirt was always very quick to say that she was “NOT the baby.” She made it clear that she was only “the littlest.” This was very important to her, as she did not feel that “the baby” adequately described her. She was very quick to correct anyone, and I mean anyone that mistakenly referred to her as “the baby” of the family. And Lord help us all if I referred to her as “my baby sister” within her earshot. But sometimes other people needed help…they couldn’t keep track of all of the little kids running around my house. Some of them couldn’t even tell Squirt and Fidget apart.

People used to call Squirt “The Precious Moments kid” because her round little cheeks reminded them of the little kids drawn by Sam Butcher. She got those round little cheeks partly from genetics, but also because she loved to eat. It seemed that she was always eating…maybe because at our house by the time you finished cleaning up from one meal, it was time to start the next. She’s since thinned out and would hardly be mistaken for a Precious Moments doll, but she’s still just “precious.”

One day, when Squirt was about four, I had some friends over at the house, including Husband (who was Boyfriend at the time). Squirt was jumping on the trampoline and repeating the phrase every older sibling cringes when they hear: “Watch me! Look what I can do!” As we continued to ignore her (obviously!), her repetitive chant changed. It became a little more frustrated until finally she blurted out, “Fine! I don’t exist. I’m not even here!” She continued with, “Don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine without you.” Which, of course, caused us all to laugh uncontrollably at the short little four-year-old that had such a smart mouth. Again, I say Drama Queen.

Squirt has never been afraid to take on…well, anything. She does pretty much anything she sets her mind to. Currently she has a thing for writing, directing, and starring in her own movies along with Little Neighbor Girl. They have some interesting titles, that’s for sure.

As she’s grown, Squirt has become, shall I even dare to say it…a little prissy. She enjoys the hair fixin’, the trendy shoes, and the cute clothes. She’s also quite the socialite and loves to hang with her pals. I rarely see her alone…she’s always dragging someone else around with her…or being drug around by someone else.

She’s still growing…and growing up. I’m interested to see what the next few years have in store for her – and the rest of us! Pin It


  1. One thing about squirt is that she definitly has MUCH cooler shoes than Superchikk and I ever had a shot at.

  2. squirt is an awesome girl! cant wait to see where God takes her in her journey through life.

  3. TRUMP4:14 PM

    let someone who actually lives with "squirt" take a wack at her. Yeah shes pretty cool and can ride really well but every now and then like yesterday when I was sick her and fidget we singing a Josh Gracin song at the top of their lungs over and over again. She is also on a quest for a new horse, a pursuit which I admire and can join... to an extent. She gets a little carried away somtimes. Oh and her movies though extremely weird are quite funny and loud little neighbor girl is pretty funny as well.