Wednesday, November 30, 2005


We come to sibling #5 (sixth in the family), affectionately known as Fidget. She was the first girl after the boys came along, so we all kind of had to get used to having another girl around. But since she and NLB are pretty close in age, they hung out together a lot…and fought a lot.

Fidget had a thing for lipstick. She loved lipstick. Since we shared a room, I found her pilfering through my makeup and lipstick a lot. Once, I found her sitting on my bed, having used an entire tube of lipstick on her face and hands, trying to wipe the evidence off on…my comforter, of all things. She had this thing about taking her diaper off too, so there she was, sitting there in nothing but a t-shirt from the Peabody Hotel (how appropriate!) with lipstick all over her face and hands, blessing my bed with it. I was not a happy camper, let me tell you.

Fidget was also a climber. If it was still, she’d climb it. We called her “Jell-o legs” a lot because it seemed that she just wobbled up to great heights, and it never made sense how she got there. When she was little, we’d find her stuffed into the third floor of the Barbie doll house. That’s right, in the Barbie house. It’s amazing that she never pulled it over on herself.

It’s probably due to the nature of our family, but Fidget is one of the loudest individuals I know. I’m sure she learned to yell instead of talk because that was the only way to be heard around our house. But she’s still loud…probably an inherited gene.

Fidget has grown up a lot in recent years. She’s tall and skinny, and looks quite a bit like I did when I was her age. She loves all things western and equestrian and spends a lot of time riding. I’ve been told she rides bareback at Playdays, though I can’t really see anyone running barrels without a saddle. Maybe I’ll have to go check that out sometime. She is the “Princess” of Oak Grove Riding Club…do Princesses ride bareback? I guess only if they have a horse worthy enough.

She’ll continue to grow, and her legs will probably get longer. She’ll probably end up being taller than HLB…it’s sickening, really. But I guess if somebody had to get the height genes, it should be those two. They’ll probably use them better than the rest of us would. Pin It


  1. Tall is good, Climing is still fun and I hate lipstick... You should've gotten the other pic of me... I like it better... A comforter is a good place to wipe off the evidence! Incase anyone was wondering. Where did you come up with the name Fidget? I don't remember being called that.... Ever... It was allways tooth-pick and skinny britches... I've never even heard the name fidget... wait I have it was on a cartoon... I think

  2. You seem to have lots of memory problems.

  3. Yeah and? I only rode bareback 2 at playdays. The first time I almost fell of in poles but I got back on before I fell off.... Somehow... It was fun though.