Friday, October 21, 2005

The Oblong Pigskin Ball, Part 1

We watch a lot of football. Or, I should say, Husband watches a lot of football, and I am present during the watching of it. If you ask most people their favorite season, they think “fall” or “spring.” Husband’s answer is, “Football season.”

I’m not ignorant about the game – far from it. I used to play a lot of it as a kid. My cousins, friends, and I didn’t have much else to do, so we played baseball and football. I was one of few girls in the group, so sports always won out over “house” or something like that. Basketball was out because we had nowhere to actually dribble the ball (gravel everywhere). If there was an odd number of kids, we’d have the ‘all-time quarterback’ (in baseball, you just have a ghost-runner). I still have a few scars (and inflicted a few upon others) from football. But it was fun.

I went to football games in High School. Granted, it wasn’t my high school that was playing, but I was there. It was the thing to do. But growing up, we rarely watched sports on TV. So I never really began watching NFL or college games until I began dating Husband.

We usually spent Sunday afternoons at his house. Why? He had cable, I didn’t. At first, I intently watched the games with him – you know, trying to be the good girlfriend. After a while, I realized that he didn’t really care if I was actually watching the game as long as I was there. So it became the ideal time to do homework or take a nap.

His team is the Dallas Cowboys. Always has been, always will be. Say what you want about them, they are “America’s Team.” Even though they aren’t always considered to be good, he is a fan through and through. Our home office is the “Dallas Cowboy Room.” It is where all things Dallas reside in our house, in-season and off-season. I keep buying him more things for that room…one of these days it will be full and I have no idea what we’ll do then. For Christmas about 4 years ago, I took Husband to the Thanksgiving Day game vs. the Redskins. We had a great time and I would love to go back again sometime.

Our Sundays during football season usually go like this: Come home from church, turn football on before Husband gets home. If Dallas is playing, call him with the score as soon as the image pops on the screen. He gets home and we somehow manage to eat lunch during timeouts and commercials. Then comes finding a task to do while watching the game(s), or a nap while he watches the game(s). We eventually have to go back to church, and if Dallas is playing the late game, text messages from Husband’s Dad usually ensue to keep him abreast of the score until church actually starts. After we come home from the evening service, the TV goes on again, and we watch the late game. (It’s a good thing they moved Boston Legal to Tuesdays, or else we’d be enjoying watching TV in separate rooms on Sunday nights.) Don’t even get me started on Monday Night Football.

Lately, Husband has also been attending, on average, 3 football games a week. We have 6th grade, 7th grade, and High School games to go to. We don’t always make the HS games, but the Middle School games are a must (duh). He is either on the sideline with a video camera or holding up the fence behind the players. When I am at the games, I get the opportunity to talk with friends or parents, because I’m not standing for the whole game. Again, that’s something I quit doing a long time ago when I realized he didn’t really care, as long as I was there.

Soon football season will be over. There’s always a great sadness around our house following the Super Bowl; and a great excitement at the end of August when pre-season starts up. There will never be a doubt in our household what the official favorite sport is.

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