Friday, October 21, 2005

Busy Weekend

Well, for a weekend I thought was going to be nice and calm, it is shaping up to be quite busy.

Husband is attending an away football game tonight, and I am painting the guest bathroom. It’s a lovely shade o’ green that coordinates perfectly with the shower curtain I recently got (that we both actually like) and the awesome artistic-inspiration-for-our-house painting. It’s really irrelevant that the bathroom paint coordinates with the painting, except that when I have tons left over (it’s a small bathroom), I can use it for other stuff around the house if I want to. I love having leftover paint…it makes for great free/cheap projects.

We got a call from Mohawk Monitor Man (Darann, for you guildies) the other day, and he will be coming up this weekend to visit. Yay! Even the crazy dogs get excited when M3 comes to visit. He’s one of the few people they actually love…maybe because he loves them back…awwwww. I feel bad that I haven’t planned to cook some awesome meal, but he didn’t seem concerned as long as the pizza guy still knows how to get to our house. So between two football games on Saturday and M3 coming into town, it will be a full day. I’m sure the guys will also warm up the PC’s for some gaming somewhere in there.

Sunday we are going out for lunch, which a lot of people do on a regular basis. But we have invited over 150 kids to go too…yes, we are indeed crazy. They won’t all come, but you get the picture. This restaurant will be crawling with students. I feel bad for the other people who will try to eat there, not knowing what they are getting themselves into when they suggest the local burger joint for lunch.

Then Sunday night rolls around, with one of the four Sunday evening services left before we break for the holidays. I just hope Dallas plays the late game this week…and checking the schedule, I see that they again play at 3:05pm. Husband will not be happy about that. I think he’s about ready to call someone in the Cowboy organization and lobby for better game times. We must always miss the end of the 3pm games and he finds out after church via text message what the score was. That’s not only hard on him – it’s hard on me. I have to sit next to him.

Plus, I have three, yes, three episodes of LOST to catch up on. Our lives have been so crazy the last few weeks that I haven’t even had time to watch the one hour a week that it takes to keep up. I’m so totally addicted to that show and am currently suffering withdrawal. I feel like I am well, lost, when it comes to what is going on and everyone around me is talking about it! I must know what the deal is with the psycho guy in the underground compound; and what has happened to Walt and the guys who finally made it ashore; and people keep talking about The Others like they’re just all over the place now; and what’s up with the whole love triangle of Kate/Jack/Sawyer? I must know! I can’t wait any longer! You guys didn’t know I had such weird issues with a TV show, did you?

I’ll let you know how we survive the weekend – and how I feel about getting LOST for three hours. Pin It


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Say hi to Darann for me!

    When you folks going to come see the Windy City?!


  2. That's typically pretty far from our travel routes...we don't go north much. But if we do, we'll certainly let you know.