Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I've Been Trumped

Well, #2 finally got around to reading my blog post. And as far as her "I don't care" attitude goes, I could tell she really didn't care for the name. She felt it didn't live up to her "awesomeness." My grandmother didn't either. So #2 and I started talking.

And she finally picked a stinkin' name. So Short Change it will be, or SC for short.

So there. Done. No more griping or complaining from anybody else.

Now that the Name That Hijacked My Blog is found, I can move on to other things...stuff I actually want to talk about. Gosh! Pin It


  1. Well, the naming of #2 really generated a LOT of comments!

  2. and now you should wait an annoyingly amount of time before you mention her again in a blog..... he he he ;)

  3. I think you're right, Sarah J.

  4. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Dangit. I really liked Willow.

    *raises a glass to the fallen hero*

    Willow... we knew you well, only to be replaced with "Short Change." Travesty I say!


  5. Tyrant,
    Yeah, me too. But I just couldn't take the whining.

  6. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Ya know... this whole thing reminds me of someone. You may have stumbled upon the absolutely perfect name for your sister in this last posting, despite her having chosen one for herself.

    The demands for a name, the hijacking of your Blog... it all reminds me of someone who's name brings up images of ... dare I say it... tyrannical methodology.

    I say, call her Trump.


  7. Ooh - good one! She is the Tycoon in the family, with her mattress-stuffing habits.