Sunday, October 23, 2005

Busy Weekend Update

Well, it was busy but good.

I did indeed get the bathroom painted, and it looks great if I must say so. It seems a little more green-appley than I thought it would, but I think it's because of the other colors in the bathroom. But we both like it, so I guess that's all that matters. And staying home painting the bathroom was much better than going to a tiny little town, sitting on rickety bleachers in the freezing cold.

M3 arrived on Saturday afternoon and the guys have kept the PC's humming every available moment. Sunday night was a mini LAN party; dinner and dessert included. I used a couple of new recipes that turned out really well. I will definitely be using those again.

Saturday night I finally got to get LOST for a while. I must say, this show is amazing. The mysteries that continue to unfold...I don't know how the writers are doing this. Surely they have a storyline written out far in advance - there's no way they could just pull this stuff out a week at a time. I'm completely addicted and am waiting with bated breath until the second week of December when I can start watching them on Wednesday nights instead of taping them. Of course, by then they'll probably be in holiday reruns, but that'll give me a chance to watch them again and catch some more little details. Pin It

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