Thursday, July 21, 2005

A New Language?

If you’ve ever spent much time on IM, in a chat room, or playing an online computer game, you’ve come to realize that there is a whole new language for those who spend much time on the computer.

Some of this new language consists of acronyms, and some of it is just made-up words. Others are just regular words that have taken on new meaning. And there really is no tutorial or CDs to listen to in order to understand this new language. You just have to wade in and either figure it out on your own, or ask people to explain it to you.

I’ve also found that there are different dialects, just as in regular languages. People who chat about dogs use different acronyms and keywords than people who chat while playing a computer game. And they wouldn’t necessarily understand what the other was talking about.

Some of these acronyms/new words/new uses for words are fun and if you spend much time online, you find yourself wanting to use them in real life. It becomes really a sad thing when you start THINKING in acronyms and finding yourself wishing you could just use them instead of real words. Yes, I’ve been guilty of thinking them, but I don’t think I’ve ever come right out and said them, though I’m sure some have.

Of course, some would attribute this whole new language phenomenon to laziness and the lax attitude we typically have toward excellence. My contention is that most people will do whatever they can get away with in just about any situation, and typing is no exception.

When you really stop to think about how complicated our language is, speaking in acronyms would make sense. Supposedly, the English language is one of the most complicated on the planet. We could greatly simplify things and shorten sentences if we just spoke in acronyms. Of course, grammar would go flying out the window, but for some, that wouldn’t be all bad since they don’t use it properly anyway. Maybe that should be my next endeavor – to write a book on the proper usage of internet chat language in real life.

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  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    FI FTW!!!!



  2. Thanks, oh mighty Tyrant!

  3. hmmm, I know those acronyms and such are out there, but I can't say as I know how to use/interpret those words.....I think I would benefit from your internet chat language book.....

  4. lol, Ill tk 1 cpy. plzkthx.


  5. I asked her for a copy of the book when it comes out.
    IM speak isn't as annoying as "31337" speak, the Language of the 13 year old hacker.
    that above statement - laugh out loud, I'll take one copy please, ok? thanks. - would look like this:
    |0| ill 74|<@ 1 C0py p1z|<7hx
    Ughh, makes my head hurt...


  6. why would anyone even take the time to do that? It negates the speed of shortening and using acronyms in the first place!

  7. j00 4r3 ju57 j3410u5 j00 c4n7 r34d 17...


  8. *Adds that to his list of ways to kill a conversation*


  9. wow, i am surprised, but i was actually able to read that...

    "you are just jealous you can't read it".... right??

    that probably makes me a new form of nerd, huh....