Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big D

Dallas - what a city. Actually, I'm referring to the entire metroplex, not just the actual city of Dallas. It's probably the coolest place within one day's driving distance of where we currently reside. It's always been one of those cities that you love to go to, no matter where you live.

Of course, just the fact that it is the home of the Dallas Cowboys is enough to satisfy Husband. They are his favorite sports team of all time, and each time we enter the Dallas area, he gets little stars in his eyes, for he knows that this is where his team lives.

I love the shopping selection in Dallas. There are so many stores in Dallas, and the outlet stores alone are worth the trip down. Of course, that is, if you don't get yourself lost trying to find all of them.

The same goes with all of the cool places to eat in Dallas. The Pappa's chain is one of my favorites, including Pappadeaux and Pappasito's. Unfortunately, the most recent trip to Dallas did NOT include a trip to Pappasito's. We did, however, get to go to Medieval Times.

I know, it sounds pretty stupid, but we had fun. There was a group of about 30 of us that all went. And we were all pretty much of the mindset that since we were going to a stupid place, we might as well go ahead and act stupid along with everybody else. And since Husband is enamored with all sorts of large, hand-wielded weapons, he was like a kid in a candy store checking out all of the weapons available for purchase. He ended up with a light-up sword that somewhat resembles a light-saber. Obviously the best purchase because of its dual purpose. The whole thing was a blast - heckling and being heckled by the "Black Knight," almost making our Yellow Knight laugh at us because we were acting like morons, and then, of course, something I will never live down. As the King was asking if the life of the Black Knight should be spared, all was quiet in the arena. I had a sudden flashback from "Alice In Wonderland," stood up and screamed, "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" which was followed by a round of cheering from the audience. I have to admit it was a stroke of genius, because no one else would've thought of that, and if they had, they probably would've worried too much about what other people thought to do it. Someone even teased me about it yesterday...and then informed me that they hope to stay on my good side.

All in all, Dallas is a great place that I hope to visit again soon. Possibly even to see Husband's beloved Dallas Cowboys on the field of play. I promise not to advocate the beheadding of the Refs.... Pin It


  1. Ah, I love Dallas! I lived there briefly in the early 90s and have never forgotten what a great time I had.

  2. Dallas is the Mecca of all Football fans. Commence with the flaming all unbelievers! COWBOYS baby!!!

  3. Wow. Sounds like you had fun. I liked the alice in wonder land part lol